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The Key to Annie's Heart - Fall River Ranch #1 - cover

The Key to Annie's Heart - Fall River Ranch #1

Keriann McKenna

Publisher: Ashlin Abbey Publishing

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*This novel contains sexually explicit scenes. It is intended for mature readers. 
To live a life in the Rocky Mountains had always been Mac's dream. He loved his ranch on Fall River and was a success by anyone's measure, except his own. He failed to keep his wife content to be at home, even though "home" was a dream put to architectural drawings and remained unfinished for many years. 
Too many nights his wife preferred to stay in town with friends rather than make the trip up the mountain. She liked to party, and winding mountain roads coupled with too much to drink ended her life. He blamed himself for not being more dominant with her. That would have to change. He couldn't bury another wife because she ignored his wishes and put herself in danger.  
In all his ways Mac was basic, even when it came to sex. He'd been a standard missionary position kind of guy with an occasional variation. That would have to change too! He wanted a wife and a family—a second chance at love and a steamier sex life-the latter being uncharted territory for him. 
Annie Campbell was a busy event planner at a five star hotel in the city. While she considered herself fiercely independent, she was far from sexually savvy although she certainly was open to new experiences. It had been six lonely years since her husband died and time to move on, set her fears aside. Times had changed. 
After reading what she considered to be a damn near perfect profile on a dating site, she sent Mac a note. Emails and chat sessions were followed by phone conversations, and finally Annie agreed to their first date. He had no idea just how independent she was. She had no idea how over-protective he was—but they were about to find out. 
Can Mac pull it off? Can a country guy woo a city gal, stop researching how to please a woman, and put it into practice…and what about Annie? Can she surrender some of her independence and learn to submit to him? Follow their story as Mac discovers how to love a woman through the course of this series. 
This series takes you on their touching journey laced with humor, suspense, and mystery. A contemporary western romance, The Key to Annie’s Heart is the first novel in the Fall River Ranch series. MacDermot’s Bride, Book 2, was released in March, 2015. Both are set on Mac's ranch and in a nearby city. Book 3, The MacDermots of Scotland - A Mysterious Highland Honeymoon and Book 4, On Loving A Woman - Do No Harm, were released December, 2015. Both are set in Scotland. 

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    	“The question, then, Miss Tucker, is what you are willing to do to reform your behavior.”
    	Something in his tone made her [*****] muscles clench. She took a deep breath and looked him in the eye. “As I said, sir, I’ll do anything you want.”
    	“Very well. From here on, you will speak only when instructed to do so. Now, follow me.”
    	Her heart hammering, Daisy followed Mr. Rider down the hall, puzzled when he led her into the company cafeteria. “May I have your attention, please,” he said, and heads turned to look at them. “This is Miss Daisy Tucker, who is going to be disciplined for unsatisfactory job performance.”
    	Her cheeks blazed as her boss took her by the hand and pulled her along to one end of the room, which had a raised platform used for announcements. Mr. Rider grabbed a chair from against a wall, set it at a right angle to the watching diners, and sat down.
    	Then, in one smooth move, he reached under her skirt, pulled her panties down, hauled her across his lap, and yanked her skirt up out of the way.
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    When Kendra and her best friend Sam investigate further, Kendra finds out that spying on her hot, older neighbor has all kinds of unintended consequences. The vampire will take more from the innocent young woman than her blood!
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  • Screwing the Homophobe (Straight to Gay Conversion Erotica) - cover

    Screwing the Homophobe (Straight...

    TK Cooper

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    A homophobic conservative activist, John, is forced to interact with Gabe - a strong, confident, and independent gay person - in his College english class. John’s mother doesn’t approve, and forcibly kicks John out of the house—and the only one willing to take him in is Gabe.
    	This 3600-word adult story includes a straight person exploring their sexuality and multiple gay sexual acts.
    	-- READ AN EXCERPT --
    	Gabe woke up to the spirited buzzing of his alarm clock, which was excitedly informing him that he needed to be awake this instant. Gabe lifted his head out of his pillow, looked over at his alarm clock, which was growing impatient, continually telling him that it was now noon, and he decided it was best to get up now.
    	After quieting the alarm clock, he started his morning ritual--checking friend’s photos on instagram, reading through the news on twitter, and just checked in on facebook, making sure no one lit any fires over there.
    	Then he saw John’s plea of help for a bed from four hours ago. With zero replies.
    	Gabe had a bit of an internal debate. Normally, he would spring to help out a friend without thinking. He had a whole studio apartment to himself, and would happily give up space for someone who needed it.
    	But was John a friend? They just had a single project to work on together.
    	Not only that, John was well spoken about how he didn’t care for gay people. So Gabe didn’t tell him that piece of info when he was spilling his life story to John. Not that he couldn’t back himself up, he just knew that there was no reasoning with people like him sometimes.
    	Against all rational thought, Gabe decided to set their vast differences aside in order to help a fellow human out, and shot John a text.
    	“Hey, still need a place to stay? You can crash at my apartment for the weekend.”
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