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She Could've Knocked Me Out: 7 Strong Sexy Dominant Women - cover

She Could've Knocked Me Out: 7 Strong Sexy Dominant Women

Ken Phillips

Publisher: Ken Phillips

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Eve is the perfect lady to start things off! I met Eve recently and had the unbelievable honor of worshipping her muscle and I had the opportunity to wrestle against Eve. Let me assure you that this 5'8"+ lady had little trouble putting me firmly in my face. Eve is the type of Asian lady that men can never get enough of! You'll hear about a few of Eve's other man-taming events. Her big, broad back and sleek, powerful legs will delight you! 
Next I checked back in with Steve. He is the young man (mid-20's) that was defeated by his mother, his wife and his wife's petite martial arts instructor. This updated section tracks the progress the women have made and Steve's present situation. Having skilled, strong women in your life can certainly make a difference and keep a man in his place! 
This book concludes with detailed descriptions and experiences with Michaela, Clare and Ellen. Michaela is about five inches shorter than her husband but they weigh the same amount. Michaela always figured that she was stronger than her husband but she handled "the process" with care. Well, after several years the cat is fully out of the bag. See Michaela's amazing pictures and read about how she handles her husband with her powerful arms, legs and mind. Clare isn't as thick as Michaela but you can tell by her pictures that this lady is a literal and figurative ball-buster! A new guy tried to defeat her recently and Clare was hell-bent on teaching him all about the dangers of facing a well-trained, powerful, competitive lady. You'll love this gorgeous blonde. Ellen has a very powerful husband but even he wants no part of being caught in her head-scissors. Ellen is a bit on the older side and has a history of using her training and her strength to dominate, humiliate and break the fellas. This amazing lady isn't tall but she has what it takes to flatten most men in stand-up fighting or when grappling. 
If you like strong, skilled, beautiful, dominant women then this ebook is for you! Please check out all of my others as well! It has been my mission the past twenty-years to meet and connect with powerful women and I'd love for you to come along and see what the world of Woman-Power is all about!

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    This book is subtitled as Book One under this collection. However, each book is standalone and not related to each other in their storylines. They are published under the ‘Dark Ice Collection’ title so that readers can quickly identify my books that share the genres of Dark erotic romance and Professional Hockey.
    This book is in the Dark ‘romance’ genre. It contains taboo subject matter that some readers may find disturbing.
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