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Polly Polar Bear in the Summer Olympics Series- Four Book Collection - Funny Books for Kids With Morals #5 - cover

Polly Polar Bear in the Summer Olympics Series- Four Book Collection - Funny Books for Kids With Morals #5

Kelly Curtiss

Publisher: TheHeirs Publishing company

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Book 1: Polly Polar Bear Plays Baseball 
Do you wish your kids could love sports as much as you do? Do you want to set them out on the right foot? 
Children who read, and have books read to them are much more likely to expand their worldview, and get a huge head start on life. When they are exposed to new subjects outside of what they know, like baseball, they are more likely to develop a passion and appreciation for the game. 
In this beautifully illustrated children's book, Polly the Polar Bear has all the makings of a star athlete: brute strength, incredible height, coordination, and a good attitude. What she lacks is any knowledge about the actual game itself! But when an owl dressed in a tuxedo asks Polly to join their game, Polly can't say no. 
An adventure in making new friends, learning new activities and going outside your comfort zone to engage in new challenges, this book is a great tool to help build your child's sense of resilience. 
This book is designed for an entertaining experience for young ones as they see their favorite forest animals really get into the game of baseball, and develop friendships with one another. There are essential life skills for kids to pick up on here, all contained in one fun story that can be read again and again. 
What are you waiting for? Your child's next great reading is waiting for you to scroll back up and click Buy Now! 
Book 2:  Polly Polar Bear Plays Tennis 
Does your child get too competitive playing sports? Do you wish they could develop a sense of camaraderie instead of oneupmanship? 
Millie Mouse has a special play date in store for Polly the Polar Bear. He asks her to come over to his house to play some games, and of course, she wants to accompany him. But when she arrives, she discovers it's not just a friendly backyard game of hide and seek, but an Olympic tennis match that the animals are playing, and it's starring her! The catch is that she's never played tennis before in her life.Polly might actually be too strong to play tennis. Her racquet tears a hole through the center and the handle breaks off when she swings it with full force. But with the power of friendship, and some creative thinking, can Polly get back in the game, even with her broken tennis racquet?This is a story with a happy, if not unexpected ending.  
Book 3: Polly Polar Bear Plays Basketball 
Do you wish your child could focus on their unique strength? Wouldn't it be nice for them to be able to play a game and just enjoy it, without needing to win? 
If you're like most parents, you want your kid to be happy. And of course, it is nice for kids to be told that they don't have to be too competitive in sports. But even more than that, it's best for them to recognize that we all have unique gifts, and if they're trying their hardest then it doesn't matter whether you win or lose, it's how you cooperate and play the game as a team.In "Polly Polar Bear Plays Basketball In the Summer Olympics," Polly is actually the coach, and trying to figure out how to bring her team of friends (who aren't very good at basketball) to play together. Sometimes the best teamwork involves finding all of our individual unique strengths, and using them to help the team! 
Book 4: Polly Polar Bear Races In The Summer Olympics 
Does your child have problems overcoming minor setbacks in life? Are they unsure how to swerve when it comes to problem solving?Teaching our children how overcome problems is one of the most important thing that we do – yet as parents, none of us want our kids to have any problems! 

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