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Kiki the Kitten Four Books Collection - Bedtime children's books for kids early readers - cover

Kiki the Kitten Four Books Collection - Bedtime children's books for kids early readers

Kelly Curtiss

Publisher: the heirs

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Book 1 
Kiki the Kitten Never Gives Up is a fun story for young children that teaches the virtues of patience and perseverance. When Kiki tries to climb a 
flight of stairs, she finds herself unable to at first. After several attempts, she gets frustrated and almost gives up. Her mother encourages her and 
reminds her that every journey begins with the first step. With a bit of patience and perseverance, Kiki finally manages to climb the stairs and feels proud of her accomplishment. 
The theme of believing in yourself and never giving up is a universal one. We all need encouragement from time to time. Kiki the Kitten Never Gives 
Up also teaches us that it's okay to make mistakes or fail at something. What's important is trying your best. If we keep practicing something and 
remain determined, we will eventually succeed at it. It's also a reminder to celebrate the small achievements along the way. 
Kiki the Kitten Never Gives Up is written in rhyme and is a fun story to read aloud to children. It deals with subject matter that children can relate to and feel inspired by. 
Book 2 
Kiki the Kitten Makes a Friend is a touching story about discovering friendship in the most unlikely place. Kiki the kitten has been warned about dogs and has been repeatedly told that she can't be friends with them. But when she trips into the river and almost drowns, she is shocked when a dog rescues her. As the two begin to get to know each other, they realize they have a lot more in common than they ever would have believed. 
Kiki the Kitten Makes a Friend is about the inclusive nature of love and friendship, and the danger of believing stereotypes. We should never make assumptions about others or leave them out simply because they're different. At the end of the day, love transcends all barriers and each of us is unique in our own ways.  
Book 3 
Kiki the Kitten Learns a Lesson is a charming tale about honesty and the consequences of lying. 
Kiki the Kitten has always been told not to lie. She knows about honesty, but when her morals are put to the test, she learns a valuable lesson. 
One evening after playing with the other kittens, Kiki forgets to close the gate to the village. 
This is her daily chore but she shrugs it off and thinks it doesn't really matter. 
When her mother asks her if she closed the gate, 
Kiki lies and says she did. She figures nothing will go wrong. But as the clock strikes midnight, a pack of wolves gather at the gate. 
They slither into the village, ready to gobble up the cats. 
Luckily, the cats find a way to scare the wolves away and order is restored. 
But Kiki feels guilty and ashamed, and finally realizes the importance of telling the truth. 
Most children have lied at some point in their lives. 
Book 4 
Kiki the Kitten Accepts Herself is a fun poem about the universal themes of accepting yourself and appreciating your unique qualities. 
Kiki the kitten was born into a family who all looked similar. 
While her brothers and sisters have black fur with black paws,she has black fur with white paws. Kiki feels she sticks out. 
Determined to be like the other cats, she devises a plan to change her paw color. 
One day,she paints her paws black.Victory!Kiki feels happy. 
But when her parents see what she did, they ask her to remove the paint. 
But try as they might, with soap, water and bleach, they are unable to remove the paint. 
Kiki begins to feel badly about it and realizes she misses her white paws. 
She wishes for them to return. One day, the black paint dissolves, and her white paws return. 
From that day forward, Kiki learns to celebrate her unique traits! 

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