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Pinnacle Point: The Harker Collection - cover

Pinnacle Point: The Harker Collection

Kelly Apple

Publisher: Kelly Apple

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The town of Pinnacle Point is a hotspot of supernatural activity. From ghosts to zombies to time travelers, any manner of incredible creatures can be found. 
The Harkers are one family who fit right into the craziness. 
Let’s face it, no experience is too wild for the wicked denizens of Pinnacle Point! 
Pinnacle Point: The Harker Collection contains: 
Ghost of a Chance 
Dead Sexy 
Future Perfect 
Hard Wired

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    Jory has been a thorn in Elle’s side ever since he arrived to spend the entire summer with his twin brother. He has no scruples about using his raw male beauty to charm…and exploit. If only her pulse didn’t race with breathless excitement every time he turns those gorgeous chocolate-brown eyes in her direction!
    But Jory is about to realize he’s just met his match in sweet, soft-spoken Elle Sutherland. Will the angry sparks flying between them bond them together, or drive them apart forever?
    ~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~
    Elle’s mind suddenly went blank when Jory closed the distance between them again, and curled his arms around her waist. “Knock it off, I’m trying to work here,” she yelped—but even she could hear how feeble her protest sounded. “Damn it, Jory, I mean it!”
    He retreated…but very reluctantly. Hastily she put one of the massage couches between them.
    “You’re as skittish as a newborn colt,” he teased, lightly running one finger over her trembling bottom lip. “Are you that way around all men? Or only me?”
    Elle’s heart was pounding so loudly that she could barely even hear his mocking question—but there was no mistaking his intent as he leaned so close that she could feel the heat of his muscular body.
    “I choose my own partners,” she gasped, and wished that her whisper-soft voice wasn’t so shaky. “So if you want to help me finish decorating in here, that’s fine. But if you have anything else in mind, you can kiss it goodbye.”
    “I’d rather kiss you.” His teeth flashed in another dazzling grin…then he startled her by cupping both hands around her face. His long fingers sizzled against her bare skin, and she gasped in surprise. Was this what Astra had felt when she’d let Jared make love to her?
    Damn it, why did it have to be Jory? She didn’t even like him!
    Every nerve in her body shattered as his mouth closed over hers in a hot, heady kiss. She never even heard the frantic whimper that tore from her throat as her fingers gripped his shirt like a lifeline, and her long body arched against his in wondering shock.
    Then his nimble hand rose to possessively cup her lush breast…and the next instant, he was writhing on the floor, moaning in helpless agony.
    Elle stumbled back in appalled shock. Oh God, what had she done?
    Reflex. Selena had taught them all how to defend themselves against attack. A necessary skill, she’d insisted, for nine single, superbly stacked sorority sisters. The alliteration had made Elle laugh while she’d been obediently practicing her kicks and blocks on the mat. But she wasn’t laughing now. Jory’s twisted features were a sickly green, and his helpless moan was an agonized rasp.
    “Jesus, Elle!” Fierce shudders racked his hunched frame as he rocked back and forth, desperately clutching himself. “What the hell! I said I wasn’t going to hurt you!”
    “And that makes it all right?” Outrage rose in a choking wave, and her normally-soft voice rose with it. “I told you no! You didn’t listen! You never listen! What gives you the right to grab me against my will?” Tears of sheer rage began to shimmer in her crystal-blue eyes as she backed away, clenching her small hands into fists. “You think that since you’re drop-dead gorgeous and sexy as hell, you can just take whatever woman you want, whether she’s interested or not? You can go straight to hell, Jory Montrose!”
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  • Featuring Wes and Trick - College Movie Stars #5 - cover

    Featuring Wes and Trick -...

    Kelana Hyde

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    I couldn't do it, couldn't stay away. Tom won't speak to me now, and I know nothing good can come from it, but I went back to Wes. To sexy, flirty Wes who has never been able to keep his hands off of me. Trick, well he's part of the package, but I can't deny that I love when Wes watches me. And after the cameras go off, I love when he takes me, when they both take me.  
    I shouldn't. I won't think about why I crave their attention so much, but I do.  
    I think that's why it hurt so much when he said no.  
    Wes said no.  
    I had everything, all of them, and now I have nothing. No Tom, no Wes, not even moody Trick.  
    What am I supposed to do now?  
    An interracial, multiple partners romance. Book 5 of 7 in an erotic short story series. Best if read in order. 
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  • Forbidden: The Entire Series - Forbidden #4 - cover

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    The Entire "Forbidden" series Box Set! Reminder: the First Novel in the series is also available! 
    An American college coed on work study in Europe risks it all for a married alpha Billionaire. 
    Living the good life in Southern California, Star is set to marry her hunky quarterback fiancé. But a rapid fire of life-changing events draws her into the world of a mysterious untamed Spanish Billionaire and his beautiful wife. It all leads to secret forbidden hot hook-ups between two wild, passionate, and desperate lovers. 
    As they draw closer, Star and her lover can no longer avoid the consequences of their lust as his mysterious past threatens to destroy them and everyone around them. 
    Let your imagination run wild. Inspired by the best of today's hottest erotic romance novels for women from Sylvia Day and EL James, set amid the pristine Spanish countryside. 
    "Forbidden" is an engrossing page-turner. It brings to life a young and confused woman's deep longings for a powerful, mature, wealthy man. It also explores the question of whether our hearts should rule us when so many people will be hurt? And whether the perfect safe life is worth risking on pulse-pounding lust? 
    "Forbidden" is hot romance with mature situations.
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