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Forgotten Monsters: The Lost and Found Collection - cover

Forgotten Monsters: The Lost and Found Collection

Kelly Apple

Publisher: Kelly Apple

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Not all monsters are the frightening creatures we were warned about as children. Most are just trying to get by in a world where it’s becoming increasingly harder for them to stay hidden. 
Some are ready to reveal it all. 
Some want to turn their back on those around them. 
And some are trying to find the connections all beings crave. 
It’s time to meet the Forgotten Monsters – The Wisp, the Kraken, the Nightmare, and the Siren. Their time has come… 
Forgotten Monsters: The Lost and Found Collection includes: 
The Forgotten Monsters series is a sexy romp through insta-love, insta-attraction, insta-sexy times, and insta-bombshells. These monsters aren't afraid to get down and dirty and they're eager for you to join them!

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    Ranger Kinzington just wanted to help his brother, Yannis, out of a jam. To do that, he made a deal with the devil—his boss, Councilman Krakow. Everything goes to hell in a handbasket—fast—and he ends up on the wrong side of a huge pack of wolf shifters…and a demon! Taken to the pack house for questioning, Ranger just knows he’s facing certain death. His terror is only exceeded by his sadness that his failure could also mean the death of his brother. To Ranger’s shock, his interrogation and torture is interrupted by a stranger—a shifter claiming to be his mate—a shifter who isn’t even a wolf. Ashton is an American kestrel shifter—a small raptor who’s an alpha in his own right. While Ranger appreciates that Ashton seems willing to fight on his behalf, even if he can clear up the mess with the wolves, how can he manage to save his brother and find a life with his male mate, too?
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  • Salvage - Salvage Duet #1 - cover

    Salvage - Salvage Duet #1

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    ***This book contains mature content and touches on the basis of child abuse, bullying, and alcoholism. If the themes listed above bother you and you still choose to read, please proceed with caution. This book is intended for readers 18+ and has a cliffhanger. *** 
    The first book in the SALVAGE Duet will always be a beloved book to me. It's not a love story with a big red bow at the top. Aleman plans to make us work for the fairy-tale ending we crave. Brilliant writing, gut-wrenching story line, and characters that will forever be in my heart. Salvage, Book 1 is just the beginning, and I can't wait to continue this journey in the sequel. ~ Shayna Renee's Spicy Reads 
    Stereotypical trailer trash. That’s how people saw me. I’m Karmen Butler, the girl everyone teased, tortured, pranked—bullied. 
    After graduating high school, I left my shithole of a town behind with no intentions of ever returning. My dreams were within my grasp. Or so I thought… 
    Luck. That’s what was on his side. Brayden Stephens was on top of the world and the biggest prick of all. At least that’s how I remember him. Then he lost it all. His vices took over and now he’s a washed-up has-been with a cocky smirk and arrogant attitude. 
    Valued. That was how he made me feel. One night changed everything for us. In an instant I was lost to his touch, his voice. Everything about him captivated me. 
    Against my better judgment, I let him in. I let him see the real me. Since he’d walked into my office, he’d been trying to redeem himself of his past mistakes. 
    Glimpses of a love and life I’d never known before were all he had given me. Now he’s done it, the one thing he said he wouldn’t. He’s broken me. AGAIN. 
    Excuses are what I was fed. The truth restrained him, bound him to his past, and now, I’m left to deal with the aftermath. 
    Is there anything left to SALVAGE? 
    I don’t know… 
    You tell me.
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  • Cockpit Control (MMF Menage a Trois Erotica) - cover

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    Jane just wants to get through her first day of work as an air stewardess. She hopes to catch a glimpse of the sexy pilots in charge of the plane. However, she embarrasses herself in front of the flight's handsome captain. Thankfully, he and his copilot give her a chance to redeem herself by inviting her into the cockpit. She'll give them a First Class service they'll never forget.
    	Tired after a few rounds of turbulence, pilots David and Winston are looking to unwind. Jane finds that the pair is hungry for more than just food.
    	When Jane winds up in the cockpit with the two sexy pilots, it might be too hot for her to handle. She's going to throw away the manual when it comes down to these two guys. When the bumpy weather pushes the three closer together, Jane gives them a first class treatment that's not part of the flight plan. Will she be able to satisfy their desires? It's going to be a very long flight.
    	EXPLICIT: This 6600 word story contains intense sexual intercourse, anal sex, oral sex, fingering, double penetration, and very hot group sex. It might be too intense for some audiences to handle!
    	“We are heading into turbulence,” a woman announced. It was the same damn prerecorded message. “Please fasten your seatbelt.”
    	“Don’t worry about it,” Winston said, loosening his grip on me. “I can tell when we are in for fifteen minutes of aerial discomfort. This is just a small patch.”
    	As if on cue, the rumbling subsided. David didn’t stop holding me. I didn’t want to let go of the man’s arms. A piece of my hair fell across Winston’s neck. I felt blood rush to my head and hoped the same happened to the two men. I wanted the two of them right here and now. David seemed to be inhaling my body as if to absorb my very essence. We stood together for awhile before David and Winston broke off. 
    	“Are you alright?” asked David with concern in his voice. “Are you hurt?”
    	“I guess I should be leaving,” I said, utterly astounded at the turn of events. I didn’t want to leave. I could feel the heat radiate from his chest. David gave a strange look to Winston and gestured toward the control panel. Winston looked straight at me with deep contemplation. “Thank you for catching me.”
    	David continued to hold me. His voice got husky. “There’s no need to leave so soon. We’re hungry after all. I can tell that you’re hungry as well.” 
    	Oh, God. He knew. He saw right through me. Yes, I was hungry as hell. I wanted to eat both of them.
    	Winston hit the intercom. “Please do not disturb us. We’ll be very busy for the next few minutes.” 
    	“There’s no need to leave so soon,” David said, stroking my hair. Winston returned and helped David encircle me. I placed my hand on Winston’s chest and pressed my breasts into David’s chest. He placed a finger under my chin and slowly lifted it. “I know how you feel about me. I know how you feel about Winston. Allow us to show you our piloting skills.”
    	Giving into their seduction, I leaned forward to kiss David. My resistance faded away as his tongue probed and opened my mouth wider. Winston’s hands snaked across my back to cup my breasts. David’s hand trailed diagonally around my waist and down below to the swell of my buttocks. I returned the gesture by mirroring David’s pattern of movements.
    	Winston took charge as he sat me down on a nearby table. David joined me by sitting on my other side. I felt like a girl on a park bench with two boys pining for me. Winston took my head and began an intense session of side-by-side kissing.
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  • Unexpected MFM Adventure - Succumbing to Lust - cover

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    It is amazing what persons will do to be together when they are cheating. This story has quite a number of twists in the plot. It starts off with a couple who have found a way to get away from their spouses and children to spend time together for an entire weekend. They go as far as they can to prevent anyone from recognizing them. She just wants to be with him but he has other ideas in mind. He would love to watch her with another. The plot unfolds as he puts his plan into action unbeknownst to anyone else. Will it all work out as he planned it or will it become too much to handle?
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  • Employee’s Submission - cover

    Employee’s Submission

    Domina Martine

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    This book contains Very Naughty Erotica themes of Lesbian BDSM, Bondage, Spanking, Humiliation Punishment, Domination and Submission as well as the use of BDSM devices.
    When Natalie gets called into Ms. Jacquelle’s office for sassing back at an important client, her boss isn’t too happy. Natalie needs to learn the meaning of customer service, but more importantly she needs to learn obedience.
    A lesson she will never forget…..
    Download “Employee’s Submission” right now!
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