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Echo - Forgotten Monsters #4 - cover

Echo - Forgotten Monsters #4

Kelly Apple

Publisher: Kelly Apple

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When Thane Demarcos left home to travel the world, he never expected to end up stranded in a tiny mountain town so far from the water he can’t smell salt on the wind. For a Siren to be without the oceans close by is unheard of and he knows it’s only a matter of time before his family tracks him down to bring him home. 
In the meantime, Thane’s stuck with a neighbor who takes in all the town’s strays and hardly remembers to care for herself. If Zoe Canton knew what was good for her, she’d stop spending all her money on dog food and start stocking up her pantry for the winter he can feel coming. 
Fate being the tyrant she is, Thane and Zoe get unexpectedly snowed in and Thane finds himself grudgingly coming to understand the effervescent woman who cares too much. The more he learns about her, the more he comes to admire her. 
Considering he’s bound to return to his watery home, this spells disaster for everyone. 
Warning: This book contains a man who has exceptional allure and a woman who tries to live her life to the fullest. A round of drinks and karaoke for everyone. On the house.

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    This book (BWWM, Interracial, African American, and Multicultural) is for individuals 18 and over.
    Nicole wants nothing more than to tell Matthew that they have a son, but she doesn’t want to ruin their short time together and risk the desire they have for each other. Her weekend of lying in Matthew’s strong arms is interrupted by a woman, from their high school days, where she reveals information about Matt which will leave Nicole cold.
    Matthew’s desire is to take Nicole in his arms and never let her go. He wants her completely, he wants her to be there for him no matter what happens, but he’s concealing a secret from her because he doesn’t want to permanently extinguish the fire she has for him. 
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    Caroline and Tom met on the Jersey Shore in the summer of 1965. Their attraction was instantaneous and strong, but the timing was wrong: Caroline was a young divorcee, trying to figure out a future that didn’t include her cheating ex-husband, and Tom was about to deploy to Vietnam. 
    When he left her the morning after their passionate night together, Tom thought he’d never see Caroline again. But neither of them is ready to give up the connection they found with each other. Letters are the only way they can keep in touch, but what these two are sharing just might burn up the postal system. Can this sizzling correspondence sate their desire . . . for now? 
    In a heart-melting tale of love in the time of war, Caroline and Tom learn that trusting their hearts may be the most important battle they’ll face.
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    The night a historic snowstorm hits Washington, DC, Cecilia finds herself without a way to get home to safety. Coworker Rory, her secret crush, offers her warmth and comfort in the apartment he shares with his sister--who is conveniently out on assignment and not home. A night of fun and frolic opens Cecilia's eyes to other sides of Rory, and a sledding run down Capitol Hill might change her life forever. 
    BLIZZARD BLISS is a short story, approximately 5500 words (~24 print pages) in length. At the end of the story is an excerpt from chapter one of the first full-length novel in the Capital Kisses worlds, THE BRIDESMAID AND THE HURRICANE.
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  • Filthy Xmas 4-Pack: Incest Mind Control Gangbang Hypnosis Anal Stretching Double Penetration Deep Throat Swallowing Creampie - cover

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    Four filthy Christmas stories that include mind control, incest, Christmas fantasy scenarios, anal stretching and play, gangbang activity, and a huge peppermint stick or two in the ass. 
    This 4-pack includes:
    Unwrapping Myself for Daddy
    Santa’s Anal Punishment
    Hypnotized by Elves
    Daddy’s Xmas Punishment
    From Unwrapping Myself for Daddy:
    "So do you have a present for me, Lisa?"
    I looked at my dad for a few seconds and realized what I wanted to give him. I had never had any thoughts like this before in my life but suddenly I wanted to show him my body. All of it. Even the secret part in between my legs. And even though I knew it was wrong for me to take my clothes off and do a sexy strip tease for my dad, that's what I wanted to do.
    "I do have a present for you, Daddy. I have something special I want to show you."
    "What is it, sweetie?"
    That same smile spread across his face, like he knew what it was that I was going to do even before I did it.
    I slipped the nighty off of one shoulder and then the other and I slowly pulled the sheer fabric down over my large breasts, slowly exposing both of them to my daddy. I touched my fingers lightly to both of my hard nipples, then moved my eyes up so that I was looking right at him. His mouth was open and an enormous bulge had formed in his pajama pants.
    “Do you like this, Daddy? Do you like your present?"
    "Yes, Lisa, I love my present."
    "Good, because there's more."
    I stood up and let the nighty fall to the floor while I gyrated my hips and wiggled my breasts. Then I hooked my fingers into the sides of my panties and started to pull them down. I swiveled my hips and twirled around so that he could watch my ass as I bent over in front of him.
    I slowly pulled my panties down my legs, then stepped out of them and tossed them to the side. I reached back and touched myself between my ass cheeks, then spread myself apart so that my pussy was completely exposed to him. I heard a soft groan behind me and turned around to see my dad lying against the back of the couch with his pajama bottoms pulled down. His cock was rock hard and he was touching it while he looked at me."
    "Do you have anything else for me, Lisa?” he asked as he stroked himself.
    "I do," I said.
    From Hypnotized by Elves:
    "Your turn," he said as he tugged on my shirt sleeve. I realized that they were expecting me to take off all my clothes. I didn’t hesitate to do exactly what the elf said and when I was done I sat facing a multitude of little, naked men who were all staring at me like they were ready to devour me.
    It was shocking to me how they were all so small but they had more power over me than any man I had ever experienced. They all stared at me so intently and with such seriousness and I had no choice but to do exactly what they wanted.
    “Get on your hands and knees and turn around, girly," the elf standing closest to me said.
    I did as I was told and when I was turned around so that my ass was facing them I felt two hands on my hips. They pushed me down closer to the bed so that my legs were spread wide and my pussy was hanging out over the edge.
    Suddenly I heard dozens of foot steps skittering around the house and when I looked up at the window above the bed I could see the reflection of the elves behind me. They were rummaging through the cupboards, then bringing a variety of items over to the bed.
    The first thing I felt was something cold pressed up against my asshole. I looked back up into the reflection in the window and watched as one of the elves slid a big candy cane stick into me. I gasped as I felt the cold, hard peppermint stick slide in past my sphincter.
     Then that same elf started sucking on the candy cane. He ran his mouth up and down the striped candy cane, then down to my pussy, sticking his tongue inside me and flicking it over my sensitive clit.
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  • The Best of Elizabeth Cage - cover

    The Best of Elizabeth Cage

    Elizabeth Cage

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    21 contemporary erotic short stories spanning 13 years, including 3 new stories.  Fun, quirky, romantic and sexy, Elizabeth writes about people you’ve met , people you know - and  people you’d like to know much better…..sit back and  enjoy as Elizabeth shares the sensual pleasure of a horny encounter – again and again….. 
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