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Deep - Forgotten Monsters #2 - cover

Deep - Forgotten Monsters #2

Kelly Apple

Publisher: Kelly Apple

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As the world grows more technologically advanced, keeping herself hidden from the humans has become harder and harder for Mikka, one of the last krakens left in the great oceans. Weary of fighting and clearly seeing the writing on the wall, she’s ready to reveal herself and let the humans do as they will. 
Amateur oceanologist Lars Lund is certain there’s a secret hidden in the saltwater cove near his isolated home. If he can figure out what it is, he can find a way to keep it protected. And maybe the lonely song he hears night after night will finally stop haunting him. 
Mikka and Lars are on a collision path that will rock both their worlds. She’s a monster out of legend and he’s a man who doesn’t quite fit into the human world. Together, they might just find a happily ever after. 
Warning: This book contains a monster of epic proportions and a man who sees more than he lets on. No tentacles were harmed in the writing of this book.

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