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Worked By The Billionaire - cover

Worked By The Billionaire

K.C. Jones

Publisher: CK Jones

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Elliott is having a the worst week of his life - his boyfriend cheats, he doesn't get into law school, and he has no job. Hard up for money, he starts applying to every job he can find, hoping to get a paycheck before he gets kicked out of his apartment!   Miraculously, he gets a call from the billionaire CEO of a huge media company, and the CEO wants Elliot as a personal assistant. However, this billionaire wants a very special assistant, and plans to give Elliot the HARDEST and DIRTIEST interview in history. This naive young college graduate is about to get the job of a life time from a dirty, older, rich man!   This hot story is perfect for a quick sexy read on a cold afternoon. Enjoy!

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    Most bedrooms are intimate, but there's something intangibly sexy about staying in a hotel bedroom. Perhaps it's that home away from home feeling, or is it more to do with shedding inhibitions in an unfamiliar environment? In this series of short stories, explore five characters' varied motives to visit hotels and motels to live out their deepest, darkest desires as part of their secret lives. 
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  • The Incredible Sextons - cover

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    The Sextons, America’s 1st family of super powered protectors, are into some very kinky sex and Lena Payne, ace reporter, thinks something is fishy about them. When she breaks into their home intent to snoop, she is turned into a pony girl maid. Meanwhile, Dr. Despair plots their doom, enraged they didn’t credit him on the Quantum Phase shift Juicer that sold millions on the Home Shopping channel...
    Chuckling, Dr. Sexton put down his pipe and watched the dark haired woman trip one security alarm after another. One of his monitors had a great view of her rear as she crawled under a table to pick up a grocery receipt. Yes, that would make for great copy on the news. The Sextons like to eat hummus.
    He was just about to notify one of his security bots to escort her off the premises when she did something he did not expect. She jimmied open a ventilation duct and crawled inside. It wasn't that he didn't have security measures in place; It was that they were designed for four legged members of the rodentia family.
    Dr. Sexton doffed his lab coat and took off at a run toward the kitchen. When his communicator went off, he answered it without slowing his pace.
    “What is it dear? Have you noticed our intruder as well?”
    “We have an intruder?”
    “Not anything serious. Just a snoopy reporter who was intellectually deficient enough to crawl into our ductworks. I imagine when her hand comes down on top of a spring loaded rat trap she'll come out quickly enough. What's wrong? You sound angry.”
    “You will not believe what your children were up to just now.”
    Dr. Sexton slowed to a halt, changed direction, and walked slowly toward his children's bedrooms.
    “Again. Are you sure that when we went through that black hole in Omega-7 it didn't make him kind of...funny?”
    “I'm certain, dear. Do you want to handle it?”
    “I'll discipline Tim, you handle Tina. And DON'T let her sweet talk you out of it.”
    “Right. I'll be there moment—”
    Dr. Sexton enacted his Electromagnetism, using it to open a temporary wormhole to the hallway outside of his children's rooms. He stepped through mid- sentence, arriving in a split second.
    “—arily.” He stared at his son, dressed up like a schoolgirl, panties still around his ankles. “Son, please tell me it isn't so.”
    “Don't worry, dear,” said Sara, dragging Tim by his cock. “I'll remind him he's a man.”
    That left Dr. Sexton alone with his daughter. She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest.
    “I'm very displeased with you, Tina. You know your brother has a cross dressing problem and yet you indulge his sickness.”
    “Oh, it's not that big a deal.”
    “It most certainly IS young lady. And you're going to—”
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    	Six men meet each other for the first time in a year, having left their hometown for separate colleges. What starts out as a drunken evening turns into much, much more...
    	....but will Danny be able piece together the pieces of what happened, and salvage his friendships?
    	The fire was roaring, the beer was flowing. It wasn’t long before I started feeling drunk. I’m a lightweight, really — a few beers and I’m yours! The company was good, and we were all laughing, fooling around and making the kind of jokes and horseplay you do with friends you’ve known for years.
    	It wasn’t too long until John broke open the tequila. I eyed it, knowing that drinking that shit would slaughter me. But I didn’t care. It was a fun night and I could pay for it tomorrow....
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    Zara’s is recently separated from her husband and has been depressed. While separated Zara gets an opportunity to take a cruise to clear her mind and rediscover herself. Fate decides to throw a few curve balls at Zara while she is on her journey and she meets a billionaire name Gethin. She keeps her distance but is quickly drawn to the danger in his eyes. They start their own adventure together in the Mediterranean and they soon give into the passions of their desires. Follow Zara’s journey as she decides if she wants to follow her head or her heart.Sample Of What’s Inside!Moving in sync, my face tilted down, while his tipped upward and once again our tongues engaged in a frenzied battle. Pinned between the door and him, I clawed at the only parts of his shirt I could reach, as if trying to rip it from him. I'm not sure if that's what I actually had in mind or if my hands were growing as restless as the rest of me. But with another flurry of strong, masculine power, he turned. His arms keeping me captive, he took smooth purposeful strides. I was vaguely aware that the cool glass was no longer at my back and that we were moving, but my brain was far too busy on other things to focus on the whys and where’s. It was only when I was sharply deposited on the leather couch and his weight was suddenly bearing down on me, that I realized where we'd gone.
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  • Sex in the City - New York - Volume One - cover

    Sex in the City - New York -...

    Maxim Jakubowski, Donna George...

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    Travel on a journey to new places and sexual experiences with the Sex in the City series  of destination erotica from Xcite Books. Each volume contains three stories that take you to the heart and soul of the city, its places, people and lovers. 
    Volume One: Introduction -Maxim Jakubowski Gotham Sex -Donna George Storey A Washington Square Romance -Maxim Jakubowsi Cell Mates -Polly Frost
    The SEX IN THE CITY series is devoted to the unique attraction that major cities worldwide provide to lovers of all things erotic. Famous places and monuments, legendary streets and avenues, unforgettable landmarks all conjugate with our memories of loves past and present, requited and unrequited, to form a map of the heart like no other. Brief encounters, long-lasting affairs and relationships, the glimpse of a face, of hidden flesh, eyes in a crowd, everything about cities can be sexy, naughty, provocative, dangerous and exciting. Cities are not just about monuments and museums and iconic places, they are also about people at love and play in unique surroundings. With this in mind, these anthologies of erotica will imaginatively explore the secret stories of famous cities and bring them to life, by unveiling passion and love, lust and sadness, glittering flesh and sexual temptation, the art of love and a unique sense of place. And we thought it would be a good idea to invite some of the best writers not only of erotica, but also from the mainstream and even the crime and mystery field, to offer us specially written new stories about the hidden side of some of our favourite cities, to reveal what happens behind closed doors (and sometimes even in public). And they have delivered in trumps.
    The stories you are about to read cover the whole spectrum from young love to forbidden love and every sexual variation in between. Funny, harrowing, touching, sad, joyful, every human emotion is present and how could it not be when sex and the delights of love are evoked so skilfully?
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  • The Magic of Love Collection Part 1 - The Magic of Love Collection #1 - cover

    The Magic of Love Collection...

    Elizabeth Reed

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    The Magic of Love Collection Part 1:  Four Fantasy Fiction Romance Stories – total word count 32,796
    	Please note that each of these stories can be bought as a standalone separate story.
    	Magician King’s Lover
    	King Valdmir’s land and people are under attack from a cruel enemy, and his only chance of victory and survival is to find his queen and unite with her in heart, body and mind. However, Valdmir never envisaged that at the end of the search he would be met with Gena, a very reluctant bride. Unwilling to cooperate with him and see reason, she drives him to distraction! But he cannot deny that he greatly desires her and wishes to bed her – for his own pleasure as well as for the good of his kingdom!
    	Gena has known for some time that she is the chosen one, destined to bond in union with the king. But she is unable to come to terms with her destiny. She hates the fact that she has to lose her freedom and live a life she has no control over. Not to mention she must spend the rest of her days with the arrogant magician king, Valdmir, who has a most disturbing effect on her… She is half convinced that he is deliberately playing with her mind.
    	The Better Witch
    	Theresa has come back from her long journey to find her love for her childhood sweetheart Tristan threatened by the evil fourth order witch, Lady Hawkins.
    	Lady Hawkins is controlling Tristan like a puppet master and will not allow any rivals for his affection. He must have eyes only for her and her alone!
    	Tristan is powerless against Lady Hawkins and desperately seeks a way to release himself from her clutches. All the while, he fears that Lady Hawkins will find out about the existence of Theresa, with potentially grave consequences for his beloved.
    	Sonia’s Curse
    	Sonia is a cursed and troubled Princess, on a quest to save her Kingdom, when she meets Prince Kristian with his army of men. The Prince turned mercenary has become weary of battle after many years and he longs to settle down away from warfare to make a new life for himself.
    	Sonia makes a wager with Kristian, confident that she will win and secure his help on her own terms, but to her surprise, he is not susceptible to her curse and she loses the bet. She becomes obliged to uphold her part of the bargain and allow Kristian to bed her!
    	Confused by the feelings that Kristian conjures up inside her, she escapes from his campsite, but Kristian will not give up on her that easily. Sonia has bewitched him! When he eventually tracks her down and they meet again, he is prepared to force her to make good on her promise. That is, until he hears about the truth behind her journey. Shocked and surprised by her tale, he ups the stakes and makes her a proposal she will find hard to refuse!
    	Taming of the Beast
    	Kane escapes from the Jarrick army—an army of half human, half animal beings who are driven and controlled by only the most basic and primitive of desires—hunger, lust, destruction and bloodshed! But Kane is one day able to pull away mentally from the demon inside him, and make an escape from his fellow Jarrick blood brothers. He goes on the run so they cannot find him and exact their revenge on him for returning back to his rational human form.
    	Cassandra finds Kane almost half dead, having pushed himself to the extreme in his need to get away from his old life. She is familiar with the evil deeds of the Jarrick army; she nurses Kane back to health and shows him how to control the beast that lurks inside. All the while, as they spend more time together, they begin to form a strong physical and mental bond, resulting in them having the ability to satisfy each other’s animal passions!
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