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Ttys? - cover


Kathia Iblis, Kiarra M. Taylor, Skylar McKinzie, Rita Delude, Rena Marin, EL George, Krystle Able, Olivia Marie

Publisher: Crazy Ink

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People say, "I'm never going on a blind date, again!" 
"Why?" We ask. 
"Don't get me started," they say. 
Then they start: 
"He wore coveralls to dinner at a fancy restaurant." "He ordered five courses of the most expensive food, plus drinks, and expected me to pick up the tab." "He thought a burger and a bag of fries was enough to get into my pants. Not!" "She's one-foot taller and didn't want my face in her boobs while we danced. Where else was I supposed to put my tongue?" 
"He talked about his ex-lovers, but didn't ask me about my dead ones." "The lady didn't say a dozen words. My dog's better company. And what a dog she was." "He proposed because he'll be deported next week unless he gets a wife by Friday." "She wore her prison clothes. She just got out of the 'joint' and didn't have time to shop." 
"He wanted to borrow my credit card for 'just a few days.'" "She wants to be a 'trophy wife.' Some trophy—I'd have to hide her in a closet." 
Blind date fiascos like these will pale in comparison to what Crazy Ink authors have shared in this zany collection of blind dates gone horribly wrong...

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    So sit back and enjoy an assortment of characters almost as twisted as the endings of these 13 tales.
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    Or does he? 
    The answer comes in a brand-new western written in the style of Robert Vaughn, Louis L'Amour, and Chet Cunningham.
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