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The Complete Short Stories of Katherine Mansfield - Bliss The Garden Party The Dove's Nest Something Childish In a German Pension The Aloe - cover

The Complete Short Stories of Katherine Mansfield - Bliss The Garden Party The Dove's Nest Something Childish In a German Pension The Aloe

Katherine Mansfield

Publisher: Musaicum Books

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Kathleen Mansfield Murry (1888–1923) was a prominent modernist short story writer who wrote under the pen name of Katherine Mansfield. At 19, Mansfield left New Zealand and settled in the UK, where she became a friend of modernist writers such as D.H. Lawrence and Virginia Woolf. Her short stories show the complexities of a character's interior life in all its various shades.
Bliss, and Other Stories
Je ne Parle pas Français
The Wind Blows
The Man without a Temperament
Mr. Reginald Peacock's Day
Sun and Moon
Feuille d'Album . . .
The Garden Party, and Other Stories
The Garden Party
At The Bay
The Daughters of the Late Colonel
Mr. and Mrs. Dove
The Young Girl
Life of Ma Parker
Marriage A La Mode
The Voyage
Miss Brill
Her First Ball
The Singing Lesson . . .
The Doves' Nest, and Other Stories 
The Doves' Nest
The Doll's House
A Cup of Tea
Taking the Veil
The Fly
The Canary
Something Childish, and Other Stories
Something Childish but very Natural
The Tiredness of Rosabel
How Pearl Button was Kidnapped
The Journey to Bruges
A Truthful Adventure
New Dresses
The Woman at the Store
Ole Underwood
The Little Girl
Pension Séguin
Bains Turcs
An Indiscreet Journey . . .
In a German Pension, and Other Stories
Germans at Meat
The Baron
The Sister of the Baroness
Frau Fischer
Frau Brechenmacher Attends A Wedding
The Modern Soul
At Lehmann's . . .
The Aloe
Last Moments Before 
A Journey With The Storeman 
The Day After 
The Aloe
Unfinished Stories
A Married Man's Story
Six Years After
Father and the Girls
All Serene!
A Bad Idea
A Man and His Dog
Such a Sweet Old Lady
Second Violin
Mr. and Mrs. Williams
Weak Heart

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  • So Long - Stories: 1987–1992 - cover

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    By the New York Times–bestselling author of Evening in Paradise, poignant, personal short stories for fans of Grace Paley, Annie Proulx, and Alice Munro. In 1990, Black Sparrow Press published Lucia Berlin’s first full-length collection of stories and remained her publisher until her passing in 2004. With the recent publication of A Manual for Cleaning Women, and the sustained critical acclaim it has received, Berlin has finally been recognized as a master of the short story, allowing her work to reach the broad audience it deserves. This collection captures distilled moments of crisis or epiphany, placing the protagonists in moments of stress or personal strain, and all told in an almost offhand, matter of fact voice. Weaving through the places she loved–Chile, Mexico, the Southwest, and California–each story delivers a poignant moment that lingers in the mind, not resolved, not decoded, but resonating, as questions of the human condition always do, in the heart of the reader.Praise for So Long“Affecting . . . Compelling . . . Remarkably successful. Berlin places her memorable characters in gripping situations, plumbing their messed-up lives for pathos and allowing us to see deeply into their souls.” —Publishers Weekly“Most of the twenty-three stories in this collection are very short and very simple. They . . . have the casual, straightforward, immediate, and intimate style that distinguishes her work. They are told in a conversational voice and they move with a swift and often lyrical economy. They capture and communicate moments of grace and cast a lovely, lazy light that lasts. Berlin is one of our finest writers and here she is at the height of her powers.” —Molly Giles, San Francisco Chronicle
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