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Trapped with Twins for Christmas: A Holiday MFM Quickie - A Holiday MFM Quickie - cover

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Trapped with Twins for Christmas: A Holiday MFM Quickie - A Holiday MFM Quickie

Kat Crimson

Publisher: Spunky Publications LLC

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Nancy is having a bad week! Car troubles, money troubles, work troubles... you name it. When showing up late to a meeting gets her put on holiday decorating detail, her problems go from bad to worse. With her job on the line, Nancy's last minute Christmas tree shopping expedition turns into a dangerously snowy adventure, as she gets Trapped with Twins for Christmas!Warning: the temperatures outside may be extremely low, but this quickie is oh so hot! If you’re looking for a sizzling holiday romance novella featuring two alpha male lumberjack twins for Christmas, this is it!

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