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Don'ts for Dancers - cover

Don'ts for Dancers


Publisher: A&C Black Childrens & Educational

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Following hot on the heels of the best-selling Don'ts for Husbands, Don'ts for Wives and Don'ts for Golfers  
this facsimile copy of the original edition contains everything you 
ever needed to know, from what to wear at a fancy dress party to how to 
hold your partner during a slow dance. 
Advice we should all follow: 
"Don't be a martyr to your feet" 
"Don't dance with bent knees. Bent knees suggest an ancient cab-horse 
on its last pathetic stagger or a performing chimpanzee gyrating around 
its keeper" 
"Don't disguise yourself as a "Lohengrin" if you happen to be short and 
stout. This sort of thing is excusable only in an operatic tenor" 
"Don't straddle" 
"Don't, Miss Shingled, Bingled or Bobbed, please don't comb your 
hair in public! It is a habit that is fast gaining ground but it is a 
deplorable habit. A few minutes reflection will, I am sure, convert you 
to the masculine point of view - it is a disgusting habit"

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    Chance your arm  
    Money for old rope  
    Spic and span  
    Push the boat out  
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    'Entertaining, informative, educational and lots of fun' Multihull International 
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    William Humphrey

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    From the acclaimed author of Home from the Hill and The Ordways comes a charming and erudite account of what happens when the fish hooks the fisherman In the Berkshire mountains, novelist and avid outdoorsman William Humphrey discovers a gigantic, one-eyed brown trout lazing in the shallows of a roadside stream. Between three and four feet long and weighing more than thirty pounds, it is a fish too big not to be fished for. It is also, therefore, a fish too big to be caught.   Yet Humphrey resolves to do just that, and with a dry fly, no less. What follows is a season-long pursuit of the impossible as the amateur angler practices his technique, devises schemes for getting old One-eye to bite, and steels himself for the climactic showdown. Man and trout will find that they have much to learn from each other.   One of the finest fishing stories ever published, My Moby Dick is a small masterpiece about a whale of a fish. This ebook features an illustrated biography of William Humphrey including rare photos form the author’s estate.
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