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Business Phrases for Lawyers - cover

Business Phrases for Lawyers

Karin Ioannou-Naoum-Wokoun, Martin Helmuth Ruelling

Publisher: MANZ'sche Wien

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Karin Ioannou-Naoum-Wokoun has a Master's
degree in English and American studies and Romance
languages. She is a trainer in Intercultural Conflict
Management and in International Business English
and her client base includes many multinational
companies. She also works as Business English coach
for a variety of multinational companies and public
institutions and translates films, contracts, textbooks
and scientific publications.
Martin Helmuth Ruelling holds a doctorate in
European Law and a Master's degree in European
Studies. He has worked as a lawyer specialising in
European Company law in Austria and Brazil and as a
lecturer in European Studies at the University EAFIT
in Medellin, Colombia. He translates law-related and
scientific texts from German to English and English
to German and works as a consultant for a number of
law firms.

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