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Energize Your Leadership - Discover Ignite Break Through - cover

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Energize Your Leadership - Discover Ignite Break Through

Karin Hurt, Daniel Buhr, Barry Smith, Carol Dougherty, LaRae Quy, Jon Mertz, LLC Energized Leaders, Cynthia Bazin, John Thurlbeck, Alli Polin, Chery Gegelman, Terri Klass, Hoda Maalouf, Lalita Raman, Scott Mabry, Susan Mazza, Tony Vengrove

Publisher: BookBaby

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Energize Your Leadership springs from a collaboration of 16 leaders from around the world who came together online. They recognized a lack of energy, excitement and sense of purpose in the leaders they interact with each day. As they explored ways to help these disengaged, overwhelmed and discouraged leaders discover a new spark an extraordinary community of friends developed. Here they share stories from their individual journeys to demonstrate how energy ignites leadership success. Join us to energize your leadership
Energize Yourself 
Regardless of whichever philosophical or spiritual path you choose to follow, all of them have one factor in common – the root of all energy begins within, since the seed of all energy is found within ourselves. In this first part, we examine that seed by taking a look at four crucial energy centers found within ourselves and how best to tap them: Values, Gifts, Self-Questioning, Creativity. 
Energize Others 
Energizing others begins with the self. When you deeply know your values and gifts, the next step is bringing that true self outward – with authenticity and honesty. A foundation of authenticity brings life, vigor and genuine connection to personal and professional relationships. From there, you can meet the needs of others and motivate them to be active participants in the co-creative process. In this section, we look at four practices key to people-energizing: True to Oneself, Being Seen for What (and Who) You Are, Deal with Problem People, Serve to Lead - Lead to Serve. 
Energize Your Workplace 
An organization, like any collective of people, is not just the sum of its individuals but an entity unto itself. Together, these collected people form a singular organism with its own behavior and culture. We hope for one whose energy crackles with positivity and growth. Although all the insights in this book can be applied at the organization level, in this part we look at four factors that are especially crucial to an organization’s collective energy reserves: Brand "You", Gut Thinking, Gratitude-Based Organizational Attitude, Love Multiples. 
Energize Your Future 
The future is often presented as some uncertain void of chaos and unpredictability, and while this is true to a large extent, such a representation also ignores the fact that we are each armed with those tools that can give us the best chance at success in the future. But how best to energize a future that holds so much unknown? Here are four concepts to do just that: Have a Plan B, Recognize the Role of Fun, Explore the Unknown, Face Whatever Comes with Positivity.

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