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Ordinary Monsters - cover

Ordinary Monsters

Karen Novak

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA

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Nestled in a hidden valley, Lágrimas is the last stop for a host of eccentric and questionable souls. When Joyce arrives looking for her son on a tip from a hitchhiker who claims to have seen him there, she settles in a bit too quickly for the locals' comfort. Much to her crushing disappointment, the boy she's been led to is not her son, but an emotionally battered teenager who communicates solely through lines from The Tempest. The locals, suspicious of Joyce's intent, believe that she has brought with her the forces of the Owl, a devastating storm that threatens to demolish Lágrimas once every decade. 
Like a storm, the histories of Joyce and all of Lágrimas' inhabitants come raining down over the course of this riveting novel. Emotionally wrought and ultimately redeeming, Ordinary Monsters is a remarkable story about the sorrow of loss and the gift of healing.

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    For more than thirty years, the Dukan Diet helped people with their weight problems. This time, you can be the next person who can benefit from the program which will start by reading and following the guidelines provided in this book. 
    Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn 
    History of the Dukan Diet 
    What You Need to Know About Dukan Diet 
    Phases of Dukan Diet in Detail 
    Dukan Diet Benefits 
    Dukan Diet Recipes 
    A Step-by-step Guide to Start the Dukan Diet 
    Much, much more! 
    History of the Dukan Diet 
    There are many weight loss diets that can be seen in the television, internet, magazines, and books. The question is do they really work? Some may work but others don’t. The problem with many weight loss regimens is they offer quick weight loss but after the weight loss process, they fail to maintain such weight and eventually the excess pounds come again. The Dukan Diet however begs to differ. This book talks about a proven weight loss diet—the Dukan Diet. The Dukan Diet is not new because it has been there for over thirty years but it only became popular and available outside France recently after the publication of Pierre Dukan’s book The Dukan Diet. It is a fact that the success of the book is not due to marketing or advertising but because readers who found the diet effective passed it on through word-of-mouth. 
    The founder of the Dukan diet, Dr. Pierre Dukan, is a medical doctor from France. He has a 40 year experience in relation with clinical nutrition and worked with at least 40,000 patients who have weight problems. As a young doctor in Montparnasse area, he was exposed to people with weight problems. With the idea of losing weight by eating food with low calories that he learned from medical school, he began his journey of developing a weight loss program. As he saw it, there are many low-calorie diets which do not work; this is the reason why he developed a weight loss program.
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    Written by two best friends, the book is a product of real girl talk between BFFs about the truths of pregnancy, as seen from a mom who went through it and her best friend who observed from the sidelines. It conveys a sense of female camaraderie over an exclusively female topic and reclaims it above the myriad of how-to, self-help maternity guides out there. This book is for moms and non-moms—all women—in the vein of The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy (2007, half a million copies sold).
    In line with strong media messages about body positivity and women’s rights, this book champions the pregnant woman—and how it’s okay to show (and laugh at) the dirtier, but just as real, side of pregnancy. The ideal book for the mom-to-be who wants a light-hearted, empathetic beachside read away from her stresses
    A great baby shower gift from one woman to another, with possible book club potential, especially for gatherings of new moms or moms-to-be
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