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The Myth of the Rational Market - cover

The Myth of the Rational Market

Justin Fox

Publisher: HarperCollins e-books

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“Do we really need yet another book about the financial crisis? Yes, we do—because this one is different….A must-read for anyone who wants to understand the mess we’re in.”—Paul Krugman, New York Times Book Review “Fox makes business history thrilling.”—St. Louis Post-Dispatch A lively history of ideas, The Myth of the Rational Market by former Time Magazine economics columnist Justin Fox, describes with insight and wit the rise and fall of the world’s most influential investing idea: the efficient markets theory. Both a New York Times bestseller and Notable Book of the Year—longlisted for the Financial Times Business Book of the Year Award and named one of Library Journal Best Business Books of the Year—The Myth of the Rational Market carries readers from the earliest days of Wall Street to the current financial crisis, debunking the long-held myth that the stock market is always right in the process while intelligently exploring the replacement theory of behavioral economics.

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    Go Pro by Eric Worre | A 15-Minute Summary & Analysis 
    It's not a pyramid scheme and he's not out to sell you anything – these are the two unspoken promises that Eric Worre should have listed at the start of his book. Though it begins with an infomercial feel and a hyped-up story of success, if the reader can suspend his or her doubt long enough to give Worre a chance, he or she will find that he has good advice to share and valuable pointers for any network marketer, from the complete beginner to the seven-figure-a-year expert. 
    Worre's tone is a mix of professional and conversational, exactly like the strategies he preaches to his readers. His book includes plenty of anecdotes, step-by-step processes, and practice scenarios, all of which are useful and interesting. He also shares his own failures and shortcomings alongside the psychological insights of such, so in this way his personal character is both relatable and trustworthy. The book is also focused and concise; at 160 pages, Worre gives the reader exactly what he or she needs to know – often in numbered lists – without overdoing it. 
    PLEASE NOTE: This is a Summary and Analysis of the book and NOT the original book. 
    This companion includes the following:  
    ► Book Review 
    ► Character List 
    ► Summary of the Chapters 
    ► Discussion Questions 
    ► Analysis of Themes & Symbols 
    This Analysis fills the gap, making you understand more while enhancing your reading experience. 
    About the Author: 
    Leopard Books, is your perfect quick read companion. We analyze every chapter and hunt down the key points for your convenience. With in-depth summary and analysis, leap through books quickly and with ease.
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    "Are you ready to take the big challenge of Sharpening your Speaking Skills?" "Looking for effective strategies to improving your your persuasive speaking skills?" "Ready to take your public speaking to a new level?" This Practical Guide Is Designed For Those That Might Not Really Understand The Science Behind Persuasive Speaking and How It Works and Are Looking To Increase Their Public Speaking Effectiveness. Believe it or not, there are powerful and effective strategies on ways to dramatically improve your fear of public speaking and become an effective presentation and public speaker. And I give them all to you within this guide. You will finally learn how to: Exercise and Strengthen your speaking skills through time tested, practical and efficient methods. Let's face it, if we don't know the strategies and techniques to hone our persuasive speaking skills then how can we expect to feel confident and become an effective speaker. Discover these techniques today and have a blueprint to dramatically improve your speaking skills. The secret to your success will be how well you apply what you discover in this guide. Learn these strategies, apply them and be well on your way to gaining the confidence needed to present information like a professional. Here is just a bit more of what You'll Learn about improving your Persuasive Speaking skills. * The power of emotions and the subconscious mind. * The Domino Model and its effectiveness. * Guidelines for better speech and projection. * The power of story telling. * Special closing techniques you must master. * The extremely effective persuasion techniques to master. * And much more.... Persuasive Speaking is like your muscles in your body. If you work it out, it becomes sharper and more powerful. Gaining the knowledge of these factors and applying a sound strategy to improving your public speaking skills will have you on your way to becoming a more effective speaker for the rest of your life!
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    Do you ever feel like you're talking to a brick wall? 
    The first step in persuading anyone to do anything is getting them to hear you out. But whether the person is a cynical colleague, furious customer, or overwhelmed spouse, their emotional barriers may be blocking your message. And if you can't break through, you can't move forward. 
    Just Listen has helped tens of thousands of people tear down walls and establish productive communication. In this landmark book, veteran psychiatrist and business coach Mark Goulston reveals simple, proven techniques for moving people from resistance to consensus, explaining how to: 
    Listen effectivelyMake even a total stranger—perhaps a potential client—feel "felt"Shift an angry or aggressive person into a calmer, more receptive stateUse empathy jolts to quickly bridge communication gapsTurn negative people into assets using the "Magic Paradox"Achieve buy-in, the linchpin of all negotiation, persuasion, and salesAnd more 
    Barricades between people become barriers to success and happiness, so getting through is not just a fine art—it's a crucial skill. With Just Listen, readers learn how to transform the "impossible" and "unreachable" people in their lives into true allies, loyal customers, and lifelong friends.
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    In today’s highly competitive corporate environment motivation plays an important role in employee satisfaction and eventually employee retention. Various studies have proven that low motivated employees produce much less output as compared to the motivated ones.
    The book focuses on various tools available to motivate employees. A combination of motivation and competencies will make a person more efficient which in turn will increase the productivity of the organization. Organizations prefer people who are both high on will and skill. The employers should keep their employees motivated to get a competitive edge in today’s difficult market scenario. Nothing works better than motivation
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  • Twitter: How To Market & Make Money With Twitter - cover

    Twitter: How To Market & Make...

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    Would you like to be a pro with Twitter? Do you wish you could make some real money with Twitter like everyone else?  
    Whether you want to (1) know how to optimize your twitter account, (2) know how to build up your fan base the right way, or (3) market with twitter to boost sales and make money, then this is the book for you!  
    Easily cut through the confusion to increase profits.  
    While it may appear innocuous, with its innocent blue bird for an icon, Twitter is a social media powerhouse with the potential to place your ideas and products in front of millions upon millions of people. Learn just how easy it is to master Twitter, gain followers, make money, and automate the whole process.  
    Take your marketing to the next level.  
    Increasing your following on Twitter can boost your potential success greatly, then all you have to do is market to your audience the right way.That is what you will learn in this book. Step by step strategies for getting more followers daily along with marketing strategies that the biggest corporations in the world regularly use.  
    Discover the amazing effectiveness of hashtags.  
    Hashtags are the most powerful way to easily and simply acquire loyal followers. There is almost nothing in the world that can match hashtags for effectiveness. With a few well-placed hashtags, you can raise a tweet from great to fantastic, gaining key followers and driving traffic to your moneymaking site. Hashtags are searchable keywords that indicate trending topics that may be used to narrow down a search to reach and speak effectively to your core audience. I provide real-life examples and valuable tips so you can optimize your hashtag usage. You will be able to use these tips to individually focus on key segments of the population and target specific groups with tweets tailored to speak directly to their needs and interests.  
    Expand your core audience with Twitter.  
    The most wonderful thing about Twitter is how easily you can attract people to your business platform and you can do it all in a variety of extremely effective ways. This effect, compounded over time, is what makes Twitter so powerful. Each year that goes by, the bigger and more effective your account will become.  
    What will you learn about Twitter? 
    The unbelievable power of Twitter and how to use it to your advantage.  
    How to optimize your account, making it appealing and highly informative.  
    How to write the perfectly structured tweet.  
    Strategies for engaging your audience through compelling and interesting tweets.  
    How to use multiple Twitter accounts to drive traffic and boost sales.  
    You Will Also Discover:  
    The best third party programs to really make the most out of Twitter.  
    How to market and make money with Twitter.  
    The three basic tweets and how to use them to your advantage.  
    Six steps to develop a winning Twitter marketing action plan.  
    Bring your product, business, and ideas to the world!  
    Get in the game: Buy It Now!
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  • The Owner's Manual for Happiness--Essential Elements of a Meaningful Life - cover

    The Owner's Manual for...

    Pierce Johnson Howard

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    The happiness literature is about how to be happier. This book summarizes all of that advice, but adds an important caveat: Roughly one person in nine is born happy, and the other eight must find alternatives to happiness. The good news is that the alternatives to happiness are as satisfying or more than happiness itself. These five alternative modes of positive being are flow, fit, progress towards goals, altruism, and community. The theory is accompanied by practical suggestions about achieving these five modes.
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