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Spanked By The Duke - cover

Spanked By The Duke

Juliet Pellizon

Publisher: 25 Eagles Romance

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Harriet promises to help in any way she can when financial misfortune befalls her elderly parents. An arranged wedding with an aristocratic Duke, who offers to pay off the debt in exchange, wasn’t quite what she expected though. With the deal made, she can’t back out and she submits to the dominant will of an older man on their wedding night to consummate their marriage.

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    She felt herself becoming slightly aroused and quickly downed the scotch, hoping the alcohol would loosen her inhibitions and allow her to enjoy the experience even more.  Her mind wandered to the task at hand and her eyes glided down Paul's body and, eyeing the bulge in Paul's pants, she took a deep breath.
    "Would you like another?" Paul asked, looking at Maggie's heaving tits under her coat as her chest rose while she tried to control her lust.
    "Sure," Maggie replied nonchalantly.
    This time Paul poured the drink from a decanter on the table.  He swallowed his own drink down and poured himself another too.  It tasted expensive.
    It felt like Paul was warming to her now.  The whiskey from the bottle in the kitchen was reserved for guests, but the whiskey in here seemed to be for special occasions.  Maggie deemed herself a special occasion and felt at ease.
    "Would you like to suck on my tits now?" she said, changing the pace of the arrangement in one simple sentence.
    He was taken aback by her affront but composed himself quickly.  "Err, yes, I'd love to," Paul said eagerly and sat down on sofa, patting the free seat to the left.
    Maggie moved around the sofa, taking off her coat and sat next to Paul, feeling the warmth of the fire and his body.
    He looked at her heaving breasts, big and full of milk, strapped underneath her tight top.  She lifted her t-shirt over her breasts, struggling momentarily as it passed them before throwing it over her head.  She hadn't worn a bra, thinking it would make the whole thing quicker and more exciting.
    Paul looked upon her breasts as they dropped free from her t-shirt, the light from the fire flickering and dancing across them.  He felt an overwhelming need to suck at them.
    Before Maggie had readjusted herself, he was mouthing her full tits.  Massaging them with his hand and sucking at her nipple lovingly.
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    PART 2 OF THE BESTSELLING SERIES:Supermodel Victoria returns from her modeling assignment in Milan.Angry that Lord Claringdale hasn't contacted her in a month after she signed her slave contract, Victoria refuses to see him, breaking one of the contract rules. Philip then realizes part of Victoria's training will have to come sooner than he expected it would, and brings her to Clarindale mansion for punishment.During the training though, something unexpected happens that could have huge ramifications for Victoria's life and career...Warning: Contains graphic sexual scenes and BDSM, in this part two of the series.
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