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Christmas in the Scot's Arms - Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts #3 - cover

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Christmas in the Scot's Arms - Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts #3

Julie Johnston

Publisher: Julie Johnstone

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London, 1815 
Laird Liam MacLeod is not lacking for lasses that wish to marry him. As chief of one of the few remaining stable and wealthy clans in the Highlands, the scheming misses are more than plentiful—too plentiful, in fact, for a man who desires to marry for love. Given the opportunity to escape to London for the holidays, Liam takes it with a halfhearted expectation that perhaps English ladies will be different. But the calculating debutantes of the ton and their marriage-minded mamas leave him with little hope, until a chance encounter brings him face-to-face with a beautiful, witty lady who knows nothing about him. 
Miss Cecelia Cartwright has an unfairly tattered reputation and the distasteful yet pressing need for a marriage of convenience. She'd frankly rather eat dirt, but when one's family is on the verge of poverty, pride must fall by the wayside. But the day a handsome, honorable Scot comes to her aid, he awakens longings in Cecelia that she knows she cannot pursue. 
Torn between her heart and her duty, Cecelia finds herself dancing at the very edge of impropriety that once before served her social death. When her old suitor returns to Town, she must choose between the laird she loves and the duke who could save her family. Just when she thinks she knows what she ought to do, Liam reveals a secret that may well prove charming Scots are the most dangerous rogues of them all.
Available since: 11/28/2016.

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