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A Kiss Before the Wedding - Pembroke Palace Series #5 - cover

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A Kiss Before the Wedding - Pembroke Palace Series #5

Julianne MacLean

Publisher: Julianne MacLean Publishing Inc.

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Lady Adelaide Robins, the charming and beautiful daughter of an impoverished earl, was raised on the foggy moors of Yorkshire.  Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine she would travel to London, capture the heart of a duke, and receive a proposal of marriage.  Is she ready for a life of luxury and privilege as a duchess?  Or will her heart forever belong to another? 
William Thomas, the second son of a Yorkshire viscount, is about to be disowned for his unbecoming ambitions to become a medical doctor.  But what does it matter if he can have the woman he loves at his side?  Determined to finally claim the hand of Lady Adelaide, his lifelong beloved, William is shocked to discover that she has accepted a marriage proposal from a duke.  With the wedding only days away, will he be able to win back her heart? 
Note: A Kiss Before the Wedding is a romantic SHORT STORY of approximately 50 pages.  If you are looking for a print edition, it can be found as bonus content in the trade paperback of SEDUCED AT SUNSET. 
Don't miss the other books in the series: 
Book 5: A KISS BEFORE THE WEDDING (Pembroke Palace Short Story 
Available since: 11/04/2012.

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