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Dark Magic - Shifty Magic Series #4 - cover

Dark Magic - Shifty Magic Series #4

Judy Teel

Publisher: Bacon & Eggs Publishing

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Betrayal. Secrets. War is coming… 
Private Investigator, Addison Kittner, finds herself on her #1 enemy’s capture list and her friends on his hit list. To stop him, she has to work with her ex, the Alpha Were Cooper Daine, the last guy she wants to see and the only one she’s ever loved. 
Add in a powerful vampire hungry for restitution--preferably violent, a hidden enemy that could cost all of them their lives, and a coven of dark magic witches determined to make her and Cooper’s existence very short and very painful. 
Can Addison tap into her latent practitioner side and find a new power that could stop her enemy’s plans for revenge before it’s too late? 
Eh, not so much. 
Buy DARK MAGIC and experience the adventure today!

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    This is the fifth and final book of the Corrigan series, re-telling the events of Blood Destiny from Corrigan's point of view.
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     “... a story of exploration of an artifact on an alien world, a bit reminiscent of the sort of story that Jack McDevitt writes.” — 
    “...Denon is literally luminescent in its depiction.” — 
    “The Spires makes for a very good read.” —SFRevue 
     “Compellingly human and technically absorbing, the suspense builds to fevered intensity, culminating in an explosive yet plausible conclusion.” 
    —RT Book Reviews 
    Top Pick 
    on Diving into the Wreck 
     “Great character, great plot, great adventure, and most of all great fun.  This book harkens back to the best of classic science fiction.” 
    —Sheldon McArthur 
    North by Northwest Books 
    on Diving into the Wreck 
     “Rusch delivers a page-turning space adventure...” 
    —Publisher’s Weekly on Diving into the Wreck 
    “Rusch’s handling of the mystery and adventure is stellar, and the whole tale proves quite entertaining.” 
    —Booklist Online on Diving into the Wreck 
     “Diving into the Wreck is a rip-roaring good read.  The universe it presents is original, and cries out for more adventures….” on Diving into the Wreck 
    “Diving into the Wreck is highly recommended reading for anyone who enjoys space adventure stories, superb characterization, and tight plotting.” 
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  • Saving Autumn - cover

    Saving Autumn

    Marissa Farrar

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    Book two in a brand new shifter series! 
    In a shadowy industrial building in downtown Chicago, a shifter revolution is being plotted. 
    Chogan Pallaton, wolf-shifter and self-appointed leader of the uprising, doesn’t want to admit to himself that he and his cousin might be in love with the same girl. He needs to stay sharp, fierce, ruthless, and his feelings for Autumn are muddying his focus... 
    Autumn is a scientist, a woman who has lived her life based on facts. But her discovery of the existence of shifters, together with the possibility that her blood holds the key to their creation, has left her reeling. Though once safe in Blake Wolfcollar’s arms, a dangerous situation and unveiled secrets leaves her wondering if she can truly depend on him. 
    With the government seeming to ignore riots and protests downtown, and as attacks on the shifters grow in frequency, Chogan and Autumn need to discover who they can trust and who will betray them... 
    And when trust is broken, can it ever be mended?
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