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The Intermarriage Handbook - A Guide for Jews & Christians - cover

The Intermarriage Handbook - A Guide for Jews & Christians

Judy Petsonk, Jim Remsen

Publisher: William Morrow

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The Intermarriage Handbook is a comprehensive, immensely practical self-help book for interfaith couples. Judy Petsonk and Jim Remsen interviewed hundreds of experts: psychologists, family therapist, sociologists, religious leaders--and especially the couples themselves. They discovered that the cultural differences between Christians and Jews are as significiant as their religious upbringings. Even if husband and wife are not practicing a faith, they may be feeling the strain of being in an interfaith relationship. 
Filled with true-life anecdotes and useful step-by-step suggestions for a relationship at any stage, The Intermarriage Handbook is a book that couples can turn to again and again--for help with the questions that matter most.

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    * Transform limiting beliefs 
    * Take action 
    * Live ready for success
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    In A. D. 70, the Roman commander Titus marched through Palestine, leveling the once beautiful city of Jerusalem. For Samah, a young Samaritan woman caught inside Titus's siege wall, it was the beginning of three years of suffering with other residents of the holy city. Now, though, having unwittingly saved the life of a dog belonging to a powerful Roman tribune, Samah finds herself bound for Rome as the dog owner's slave. Did Jehovah send this dog simply to help Samah reach an arrogant tribune with the truth of His Word? Or could there be more to their unusual relationship?
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