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The Intermarriage Handbook - A Guide for Jews & Christians - cover

The Intermarriage Handbook - A Guide for Jews & Christians

Judy Petsonk, Jim Remsen

Publisher: William Morrow

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The Intermarriage Handbook is a comprehensive, immensely practical self-help book for interfaith couples. Judy Petsonk and Jim Remsen interviewed hundreds of experts: psychologists, family therapist, sociologists, religious leaders--and especially the couples themselves. They discovered that the cultural differences between Christians and Jews are as significiant as their religious upbringings. Even if husband and wife are not practicing a faith, they may be feeling the strain of being in an interfaith relationship. 
Filled with true-life anecdotes and useful step-by-step suggestions for a relationship at any stage, The Intermarriage Handbook is a book that couples can turn to again and again--for help with the questions that matter most.

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    We recommend reading the Buteyko Course Manual as you begin the course and before having the first teaching session with your instructor so you can ask any follow-up questions. A few weeks later you'll benefit from reading it again just as a refresher.
    Also if you're still contemplating doing the Buteyko Course, reading this Buteyko Course Manual may help you make up your mind and get a better idea of what exactly the Buteyko Breathing Course is about.
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    Don't Let Things Slide In Your Bedroom Because You And Your Partner Have Been Together For A While. 
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