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Sex Positions Playbook: The Illustrated Guide With 105 Arousing Exciting And Mind Blowing Sex Positions (Kama Sutra And Others) - cover

Sex Positions Playbook: The Illustrated Guide With 105 Arousing Exciting And Mind Blowing Sex Positions (Kama Sutra And Others)

Judy Meyers

Publisher: Childsworth Publishing

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Don't Let Things Slide In Your Bedroom Because You And Your Partner Have Been Together For A While. 
You can spice things up by trying a variety of hot sex positions. Trying something new gives you and your partner a great way to rekindle the spark in your long-term relationship. 
That is why the 105 sex positions in this book have been compiled for you. These positions will bring new excitement into your sexual activity and mutual enjoyment. Many of the positions can be performed by ordinary people as they do not require acrobatic ability. There are many ideas in this book that you can try no matter your level of fitness, strength or flexibility.  
Your need for a pleasurable sexual encounter can be answered when you choose the right position. Whether you want G-spot stimulation, explosive orgasm or face to face intimacy, there are several positions to choose from.  
Each position is clearly described and illustrated so you can reenact it easily in your home (or wherever you want!). The benefits of each position and possible turn offs are stated so you can easily find the ones that are right for you. 

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    Are You Afraid That If These Anger Problems Don’t Stop NOW, That Your Relationship Will Be Over?  
    If you have reluctantly answered yes to one or more of the above questions, “8 Steps to Mastering Anger Management in Your Relationship” is the book for you! This book has been designed specifically for people dealing with anger management issues in their relationships and gives you 8 ways to eliminate them! 
    Is It Really Possible To Fix These Anger Issues In My Relationship? 
    Anger management related issues are becoming one of the most common problems in relationships and many couples are suffering from it. A lot of us remain clueless about how to fix these anger problems. That is why this book is an important one for you. If you read this book and use the advice in it correctly, you will have multiple strategies to dramatically improve and even CURE anger management issues in your relationship or marriage! 
    What Will I Learn From This Book?How to Identify the Cause of the AngerLearn When it is the Right Time To Express YourselfLearn the Times When It’s Best to Just Keep QuietSetting Healthy Boundaries With Each OtherGiving Your Partner the Respect they DeserveHow Developing Hobbies as a Couple Can Work WonderHow Developing Your OWN Hobbies will also make a world of differenceWhen it Might Be Time To Seek Out a Professional Counselor 
    If you truly are at a point in your relationship where you don’t know what else to do, give this book a try. 
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  • Give It Up! - My Year of Learning to Live Better with Less - cover

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    “Refreshing, inspiring, and honest….One book I’m not going to be ‘giving up’ anytime soon.”—Nicole Williams, author of Earn What You’re Worth 
    Give It Up! is author Mary Carlomagno’s inspiring chronicle of her 365 days spent learning to live better with less—when she decided to give up one modern convenience (eg: elevators) or indulgence (eg: alcohol) every month for a year. A joyous celebration of voluntary simplicity, Give It Up! offers a solution and a liberating new outlook to shopaholics, jaded consumers, and spirituality seekers overwhelmed by the unnecessary clutter in their lives, in the most uplifting self-help guide to better living since Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project.
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  • Speed Cleaning 101: House Cleaning Tips for Cleaning and Organizing Your Entire Home in Less Than 59 Minutes! - Speed Cleaning Book - cover

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    Speed Cleaning 101: House Cleaning Tips for Cleaning and Organizing Your Entire Home in Less Than 59 Minutes! Speed Cleaning Book Tired of coming home and not being able to completely relax because you are surrounded by clutter? Or do the have a hard time finding some of the most simple things you need? I know this can be very annoying. Hi, my name is Carin and I admit I used to be there. But since finding out what I am about to share with you in this book the only thing I am guilty of now is of being a neat-freak. I actually like to keep my home spick and span. My husband always jokes about how similar mom and I are, especially about being finicky on cleaning. Well, why wouldn’t I be? I am actually proud of it somehow. My hubby often teases me that I must be wonder woman in disguise because I can almost seemingly maintain the cleanliness of our house no matter how busy things get between my responsibility as a wife, mother, and a profession. Even my mother-in-law is amazed at how I can keep such a neat abode. No. I am no wonder woman. What’s my secret to keeping a clean neat home? Simple. Speed Cleaning! I always make it a point to clean the little dirt or pick up the tiny clutters here and there. This way, the household chores don’t pile up over the weekdays and me ending up having to spend my weekend house cleaning instead of enjoying it with my family. Because frankly, what would you rather do, clean the house or have bonding activities with your family? I am going to share with you these simple tips and techniques that I actually learned from my mother. I hope that this book will be able to help you create a system of house cleaning to fit your busy lifestyle. Not only that, I hope this book will inspire in you that you ARE able to clean your ENTIRE home in less than 59 minutes.In this Speed Cleaning book you will discover:1 Weird Natural Ingredient that can be used to Speed Clean and Sanitize your entire home, keep frost off of your car windows, clean your headlights and MORE! And it is probably already in your home NOW!Speed Cleaning 101 House Cleaning Tips for Cleaning and Organizing Your Entire Home in Less than 59 minutes. With Room by Room tricks of the trade!And MORE!Let’s Begin!
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