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Bisexual Adventures of Married Men - cover

Bisexual Adventures of Married Men

J.R. Shane

Publisher: Lot's Cave, Inc.

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For most of their lives, the average guy goes about his life being a regular Joe with wife, kids, job, mortgage, and dreams postponed to “someday”. There are certainly, among the masses of men, those who harbor a curiosity if not a latent desire to experience homosexual sex, if only to a limited degree. These are six stories of men who have made that daring leap.

“You’ve never done this before?”

“No, do you do it often?”

“Not that often. It’s hard to find guys who actually want to meet.”

“I can understand that. If my wife knew, she’d kill me. Probably divorce me before I got home.”

“She might surprise you. Some women are excited by guys playing.”

“Not mine; she’s a really old fashioned gal.”

“Have you discussed it with her?”

“Oh HELL no! She’d throw my ass out of the house in a minute if I told her I wanted to have sex with other men.”

“How long have you been married?”

“Thirty-four years, two kids raised and on their own. The house seems empty without them.”

“Have you ever tossed out any sex ideas? Swinging, sex clubs, stuff like that?”


“Then how do you know? She may be itching for some sexual adventure but is afraid to approach you.”

“Man, after all those years, I know her pretty damn good and she’s just not one of those gals.”

“Maybe she would like to become one and you are holding her back.”

Mike laughed, “You don’t know my wife, nothing holds her back if she wants it. What about your wife? Does she know you do this?”

“Yes, she knows I explore occasionally. We talked about it and she is all right with it as long as I don’t bring men home and I am careful about who I meet.”

“How did you approach her?”

“We were talking one evening and I asked her if she had ever been attracted to another woman. She seemed shocked at first, completely caught off guard. Then she said no and asked me where this was coming from. I told her honestly that I was having some curiosity about guy play and I wondered if she was having similar feelings. After the ‘are you gay?’, ‘are you leaving me’, and a few other questions, things settled down. And it did get a bit intense for a while, but once she realized that I wasn’t talking about running off to San Francisco with Lance from the hair salon, we talked seriously. She understood that just because she had no interest in exploring, that it wasn’t fair to hold me back. That was when she set the limits.”

“Very understanding woman.”

“Oh I agree.”

“Let me think it over, maybe I can find a way to approach my wife.”

“Try it, the most she can say is no.”

“The most my wife can say is, “Get the fuck out!”

Rick laughed. “Yea, that’s true.” After a lull in the conversation, Rick spoke up. “So what brings you here today?”

“I had a sales meeting with a client here in town. It finished about noon and I don’t leave until tomorrow.”

“I should have asked that differently. Why am I here today?”

Mike stammered a bit before he answered. “I’m 58 years old. The ol’ thumper doesn’t work like it used to. Even after taking a pill I still have a hard time satisfying Lois. I don’t have the physical strength and the effort it takes makes it more work than reward. Can you understand that?”

“Sure I can. I’m 62; it’s no easier for me.”

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more curious about playing with men. The idea of sharing a relaxed handjob or blowjob has become appealing.”

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