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Soul Talk Song Language - Conversations with Joy Harjo - cover

Soul Talk Song Language - Conversations with Joy Harjo

Joy Harjo, Tanaya Winder, Laura Coltelli

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press

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Intimate and illuminating conversations with one of America's foremost Native artists Joy Harjo is a "poet-healer-philosopher-saxophonist," and one of the most powerful Native American voices of her generation. She has spent the past two decades exploring her place in poetry, music, dance/performance, and art. Soul Talk, Song Language gathers together in one complete collection many of these explorations and conversations. Through an eclectic assortment of media, including personal essays, interviews, and newspaper columns, Harjo reflects upon the nuances and development of her art, the importance of her origins, and the arduous reconstructions of the tribal past, as well as the dramatic confrontation between Native American and Anglo civilizations. Harjo takes us on a journey into her identity as a woman and an artist, poised between poetry and music, encompassing tribal heritage and reassessments and comparisons with the American cultural patrimony. She presents herself in an exquisitely literary context that is rooted in ritual and ceremony and veers over the edge where language becomes music.
Available since: 09/24/2013.
Print length: 164 pages.

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  • Walking With God In The Journey Of Life - cover

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    "Walking with God in the Journey of Life" is a compelling and spiritually enriching book that invites readers to embark on a transformative expedition with the divine. This is a powerful book written to serves as a guiding tool for Christians seeking a deeper connection with God amidst the complexities of life. Through its pages, the book gives light of wisdom, encouragement, and practical insights, offering a roadmap for navigating the journey of life.
    The journey of life is inherently dynamic, marked by moments of joy, sorrow, triumph, and challenge. This book recognizes the diverse landscapes of human existence and provides readers with profound reflections on how to engage with the divine as a constant companion on this pilgrimage. Rooted in biblical principles and enriched with personal experiences the book encourages readers to consider the profound implications of walking alongside God in every season of life.
    The heart of "Walking with God in the Journey of Life" lies in its exploration of how faith can serve as an anchor in the face of life's storms. Through the lens of scriptural narratives and the author's own experiences, the book delves into the trials and tribulations that individuals often encounter. Whether grappling with loss, uncertainty, or the pursuit of purpose, readers find solace and guidance in the thoughtful reflections presented within the pages.
    The author emphasizes the transformative power of faith, demonstrating how walking with God brings a sense of purpose to life's journey. This book opens our heart to possibilities involved in walking with God. When we walk with God, enemy occupying our seats are unseated. When we walk with God, our glory will shine. When we walk with God, our star will rise and shine. When we walk with God, we shall conquer our enemy and take over their gates. When we walk with God, our stars will rise and shine. When we walk with God all powers limiting our progress shall be silenced.
    Walking with God is a journey that transcends the ordinary and delves into the extraordinary dimensions of life. This book reveal deep secret to walk with God in the following arrears:
    It provides a source of unshakable strength and resilience in the face of life's challenges and fosters a sense of courage and perseverance.
    The book empowers us to cultivate a deep sense of purpose and meaning with clarity in personal mission steering individuals away from aimless wandering.
    You will enjoy unparalleled peace that accompanies spiritual sojourn characterized by chaos and uncertainty. The abiding presence of the divine serves as a constant anchor calming anxious hearts and providing refuge amid life's storms.
    This book shows unparalleled sense of joy and fulfillment that emanates from the deep wellsprings of a soul intimately connected with its Creator
    It reveals source of strength in adversity. The journey with God provides an unshakable source of strength during challenging times as they are not navigating difficulties alone.
    The book reveals walking with God is a continuous process of spiritual growth.
    Journey with God instills humility as individuals acknowledge their dependence on a higher power. This humility shapes character, fostering a spirit of gratitude and openness to continuous learning.
    You will find meaning in your existence as you align your goals and aspirations with the divine plan.
    This book instills development of compassion as individuals experience divine love, and extend such to others.
    It will encourage you to have fellowship with like-minded individuals that share same beliefs, spiritual growth, mutual accountability, and a sense of belonging.
    There is no two ways to walk intimate with God but be by his side always. This book explores it in details. Have a copy of yours and buy for love ones and win souls to Christ.
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