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Dr Jordan Metzl's Workout Prescription - 10 20 & 30-minute high-intensity interval training workouts for every fitness level - cover

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Dr Jordan Metzl's Workout Prescription - 10 20 & 30-minute high-intensity interval training workouts for every fitness level

Jordan Metzl

Publisher: Rodale

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Dr. Jordan Metzl's Workout Prescription is a compressed workout guide designed for busy professionals in toda''s world who have little time for fitness and want to maximize results. In this book, Dr. Jordan Metzl explains the science of the compressed, high-intensity workout and provides a series of progressive workouts ranging from 10 to 30 minutes that can be done anytime, anywhere, using minimal equipment.
This book also guides you through topics like motivation, goals, and the importance of proper recovery. Dr. Metzl's high-intensity workout, combined with a scientifically designed and periodized training schedule, delivers maximum results in minimum time in a unique and compelling way that is equally effective for men and women, children and adults.

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    Mind control yoga cures many problems in life. It is straightforward to do, to enjoy short- and long-term benefits and natural spirituality. It is all laid out in the book including amusing 
    humanistic and touching stories.
    Book Reviews
    "At a time when the constant noise and haste of everyday life sends many in search of stillness and wellbeing, it may be surprising to find an approach to yoga written by a busy scientist. 
    Here is a unique contribution to our scientific understanding of how yoga works on the mind and body. 
    Mind Control Through Breath Regulation can be used at many levels. Students and practitioners will find a delightfully illustrated guide to yoga exercises, and general hints on living 
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    way neurones, electrical impulses and quantum energy are utilised in yoga practice to achieve high physical and mental potential.
    As an engineer who has practised yoga for over forty years, Nguyen Tran has broken new ground by using quantum physics to explain the bodys response to yoga. When Nguyen asked 
    me to look at his work-in-progress, I offered to question, clarify, and help shape the expression of his ideas. Over time I have enjoyed the unfolding of his scientific approach to Yoga. His 
    passion as a scientist and yoga practitioner, his story-telling, and his creative illustrations offer a unique contribution to curious practitioners and teachers of Yoga.
     - Christine Ingleton
    BA, DipEd, BEd, MEd"
    "The book Mind Control through Breath Regulation contains amusing humanistic and touching stories and a new powerful form of  yoga, which makes reading enjoyable  and compelling . 
    Echoing harmoniously through the Kundalini universe with quantum resonance, Dr Nguyen Trans mind control yoga techniques were fashioned out of very difficult, if not dire, life 
    circumstances.  His technique is proof positive of the benefits of mind control yoga as a mind-spirit healing process.  Tran does not lay claim to insupportable facts, rather, his readers will 
    judge for themselves how effective his methods are.   Offering a wealth of related benefits, this is a health guide tailor-fit for todays every man, woman, boy and girl." 
    - Trafford Editorial Staff
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    Couples will discover simple step-by-step techniques for a level of sexual pleasure, intimacy, and healing they may not have known was possible. This fully illustrated guide will inspire couples to make love all night-and make love last a lifetime.
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    Hi, my name is Jones Scott and I have been using the power of self hypnosis for years and I love it
    Sure, there are other techniques you can use to extract the best version of you
    But for me and most of the people I know, self hypnosis is the easiest, most powerful and most efficient to make yourself better
    It comes to my mind, if I can help most of my friends and families maybe I can help others by writing a book
    Thus this book is written
    I put my whole knowledge inside this book
    Inside you'll find:
    -how hypnosis works
    -the power of subconscious
    -the 6 basic of all hypnosis techniques
    -FAQ about hypnosis
    -the three barriers you must overcome for hypnosis to works
    -the perfect environment for self hypnosis
    -short exercises to relax your body
    -7 powerful hypnosis scripts you can use
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    The Rough Guide to Mindfulness is the ultimate introduction to this highly effective antidote to stress, anxiety and depression, and will help you find balance and peace in a world which moves at an ever more frenzied pace. 
    Written by two leading practitioners, this guide clearly explains all the basics of mindfulness from breathing techniques to self-awareness and meditation. It outlines a short foundational course linked to free audio downloads of guided meditations, including the Body Scan meditation. The book also gives plenty of guidance on how to integrate the practice at work and home, avoid distractions and really live in the present. It highlights the latest findings from health experts and scientists on the benefits, and shows how you can continue your mindfulness journey.  
    The Rough Guide to Mindfulness gives you all the necessary tools to find your way to a more peaceful existence, as well as boosting energy, confidence and self-control. 
    Now available in ePub format.
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