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Survival Guide - For Beginners Intermediates and Preppers - cover

Survival Guide - For Beginners Intermediates and Preppers

Jordan Gunner

Publisher: Self Publisher

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This book consists of two titles, which are the following:

Book 1: When it all hits the fan, some know how to survive and some don’t. Knowledge and experience are at the root of survival in troubled times. We do not always know when those times come, so it can be useful to explore the possibilities of living off the grid, becoming independent, and living without water from the faucet, electricity, or internet.

In this book, we’ll touch on some of the most important elements of survival, such as:

	Creating water filters
	Getting clean, purified water.
	Staying cool during hot seasons without technology or airconditioning.
	Surviving in the winter and enduring extreme cold weather.

All of these things will be elaborately explained, inspiring you to take action if such action ever becomes necessary.
Don’t wait and get this handy-dandy book today!

Book 2: This book covers a range of topics that don’t seem to be related at first, but if you look closer, you’ll see the bigger picture. All of these topics are more or less connected to the idea of fending for yourself, being able to survive off the grid, or in case of a major disaster.
The first chapter focuses on something specific: Survival in the jungle. As we all know, the jungle is beautiful but also infested with bacteria, bugs, venomous and predatorial animals, and full of both toxic and edible plants. Learning what to do there can make all the difference if you were ever to make it through in such a climate.

After this, the book highlights what to do in case of a hurricane or an earthquake, two disasters that could very well happen in many people’s areas.

Third, we will talk about food preservation, since this is one of the most important and basic survival skills everyone should have.
Last but not least, we’ll go over some self-defense techniques and gadgets people could use to defend themselves if they ever get attacked or cornered.

Educate yourself and get this nice, informative book.

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