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A Joosr Guide to Shoe Dog by Phil Knight - A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE - cover

A Joosr Guide to Shoe Dog by Phil Knight - A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE


Publisher: Joosr

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In today's fast-paced world, it's tough to find the time to read. But with Joosr guides, you can get the key insights from bestselling non-fiction titles in less than 20 minutes. Whether you want to gain knowledge on the go or find the books you'll love, Joosr's brief and accessible eBook summaries fit into your life. Find out more at
Building a successful start-up can often seem like a long and arduous race, with many hurdles and hidden potholes to trip you up. Learn how to avoid these dangers and how to propel yourself toward financial stability, with lessons from a man who has conquered the world one shoe at a time: creator of Nike, Phil Knight. 
Shoe Dog will show you just what it takes to build a start-up into a global empire. Understand how to create products that stand out, and discover how you can use the hatred you feel toward competitors to your advantage. Through making calculated and intelligent risks, you can be sure that your start-up won't join the countless other forgotten companies that never even reached the finish line. 
You will learn:
·      What it takes to ensure that you always beat the competition 
·      How to nurture your company, enabling it to grow with stability
·      How to sell your products without using traditional advertising campaigns.

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    This Step Home - Simple Guide to...

    Jeffrey Wells Falconer

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    Walking meditation has been practiced for centuries in many parts of the world. Some practices are strict and ritualized, others more free and easy. 
    In “This Step Home”, writing directly from his half-century of meditation practice, Jeff Falconer provides step-by-step  instruction in a simple and accessible style of walking meditation. The everyday act of walking, along with a relaxed awareness of one’s breath, one’s body in motion, and one’s surroundings, can quickly reward the mindful walker with deep calm, clarity and renewed harmony with the natural world. Walking meditation can be enjoyed in a single room, on a mountain trail, or on a busy city street. Cultivating this easy discipline can transform such common tasks as walking the aisles of a store, walking the halls at work, or standing in line at the bank. 
    Inspired at every turn of his meditative path to simplify and distill his practice down to the essentials, Falconer has developed a non-denominational approach, wherein no new beliefs need to be added and no existing beliefs shed. While many beneficial forms of meditation are connected to larger systems of religious or philosophical thought, it is Falconer’s experience that meditation can be quite satisfying with no such affiliations. 
    Short and sweet, this booklet can be read in a day, or opened at random to a page or paragraph for inspiration. It will fit easily into pocket, purse or backpack, and is an excellent companion for any ambulatory adventure. For both beginning and experienced meditators, or for folks who are merely curious and considering a practice of mindfulness, “This Step Home” will provide valuable insight and encouragement, in a friendly voice free of dogma or hierarchy. 
    “This Step Home” is intended to be a breath of fresh air, and it is.
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    Hugo Rivera

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    The complete weightlifting workout diary-from bestselling author, body sculpting expert, and champion bodybuilder Hugo Rivera
    Hugo Rivera gives you the tools you need to keep your training workout on track with this sturdy, take-along diary that will help you plan your regimen and measure your progress effectively. You'll find lots of space to log all of the key elements of your training and make the most of every workout, plus Rivera's expert weight-training guidance and tips that will keep you focused and inspired.
        •    Includes Hugo's Five Directives for good training and four 12-week weightlifting plans that have everything spelled out for you with no guesswork
        •    Provides plans for weight-training beginners, veterans, and those aiming for a celebrity-style body, as well as a 30-minute plan for people with busy work and/or parenting schedules
        •    Includes space to log the date, days since last workout, time and length of workout, and cycle, cardio exercises (time, distance/intensity, heart rate), and strength exercises (muscle group, weights and reps, types of sets)
        •    Features a helpful spiral binding that lies flat and stays open, plus a durable, glossy cover- just what a book needs to survive a sweaty gym
    The ideal addition to your gym bag, The Weight Training Diary helps you achieve results by taking the guesswork out of your workout regimen and allowing you to focus on ways to identify and achieve your bodybuilding and fitness goals.
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  • The Yang Tàijí 24-Step Short Form - A Step-by-Step Guide for all Levels - cover

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    James Drewe

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    Yang 24-Step Tàijíquan is one of the most widely-practiced Tàijíquan forms in the world today, and the form that most people first learn. Gentle enough to be suitable for the elderly, yet challenging enough to stretch even the most experienced practitioner, it is also one of the most accessible and rewarding. 
    In his new book, James Drewe provides a comprehensive and detailed explication of the postures and movements of the form. For each, he describes exactly how the weight flows, how to use the hands, how to move the limbs, and how to relax into the movement, clearly explaining each step with the aid of foot patterns and photographs. Sections on the internal aspects of Tàijíquan, descriptions of the subtle variations that may be made when performing certain movements, and even instructions on how to fit the movements to music are also included. 
    This comprehensive guide to Yang 24-Step Tàijíquan is an invaluable resource for taiji practitioners at all levels, including beginners, as well as taiji instructors, and students of other martial arts.
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  • Weightlifting For Beginners - cover

    Weightlifting For Beginners

    Dan Kent, Mihai Ivan

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    A complete step-by-step guide to weightlifting, including the snatch, clean and jerk, assistance exercises, mobility, nutrition and beginner training programmes.
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  • Titanic on Trial - cover

    Titanic on Trial

    Nic Compton

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    On 15 April 2012, it will be 100 years since the Titanic 
    sank. Since that fateful night, stories about the sinking have become 
    legendary - how the band played to 
    the end, how lifeboats were lowered half-empty - but amongst the films, 
    novels and academic arguments, only those who were there can 
    separate truth from fiction. 
    After the sinking, inquiries into the loss of 1,517 lives (out of 
    2,223 aboard) were held in both the UK and US. The proceedings produced 
    1,000 pages of transcripts. Some of the testimonies were inevitably less than impartial, but as a whole the 
    transcripts represent the most thorough and complete account of the 
    sinking, told in the voices of those who were there. 
    For the first time these transcripts have been specially edited and arranged chronologically, so that they tell the story of 
    the Titanic's sinking as a narrative, rather than a list of 
    questions and answers in a courtroom. The 
    witnesses are transformed into characters in a much bigger 
    story, and the events are described from different perspectives of people in 
    every part of the ship, from a stoker in the boiler room escaping his 
    section before the watertight doors sealed behind him, to first class 
    passengers trying to buy their way onto lifeboats. 
    Capturing the disbelief, the chaos and the terror of the disaster, this 
    unique book brings to life the tragedy through the voices of those who 
    survived it.
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  • Bodyweight Training: 15 Proven & Effective Exercises to Help You Build Muscle and Burn Body Fat - cover

    Bodyweight Training: 15 Proven &...

    Jeff White

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    If you want to win the war against fat, all you really need to focus on is building lean muscle tissue, in addition to eating a healthy diet.  
    Adding lean muscle to your body is a great way to burn fat because a pound of muscle utilizes nearly 75 -150 calories a day.  
    In this book you will find 15 proven and effective exercises including: 
    - Lower Body Resistance Exercises 
    - Upper Body Resistance Exercises 
    - Abdominal Exercises 
    - Yoga 
    - Pilates 
    - Suggested Number of Repetitions for Each Exercise 
    When you focus on building lean muscle tissue, the additional muscles use additional energy. The additional muscles also raise your resting metabolic rate and the amount of calories your body burns. 
    Several different types of exercises are reviewed in the book from lower body and upper body resistant exercises using the resistance band to abdominal exercises.  
    The book also reviews some wonderful Yoga and Pilates exercises, which are also good stress relievers. Commit to a regular exercise program, and try these exercises out to see what you like.  
    There are many resources out there if you want to explore some of these programs in more detail. 
    By varying your workout routine and incorporating these easy exercises into your program, you will have a formula for success. Find something you love to do, and do it with consistency, dedication, and commitment.  Exercise doesn’t have to be drudgery, and as a matter of fact, it can even be fun.
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