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Reservoir 13 - A Novel - cover

Reservoir 13 - A Novel

Jon McGregor

Publisher: Catapult

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A new novel by inarguably one of the most significant young authors of his generation in Europe, a major figure who is always widely and prominently reviewed in North American, and a celebrated voice Catapult is proud to publish here. In the UK, Reservoir 13 was a major acquisition for Fourth Estate, named a fiction highlight of 2017 by the Guardian, and is receiving stellar preview coverage ahead of publication.

An intimate portrait of a small town forever marked by a profound tragedy, Reservoir 13 rejects the easy answers in favor of a complicated and engaging narrative; the loss is suffered by an outsider and yet reverberates in small and large ways in the residents' own lives.

Reservoir 13 evokes the spirit of Jeffrey Eugenides' The Virgin Suicides, Zadie Smith's NW, and Hisham Matar's Anatomy of a Disappearance.

The narrative voice of the novel plays gorgeously with time; there is a consistent and compelling rhythm in the book as moments slow to a standstill, as if to give the reader a moment of respite, after which the story sweeps in again suddenly and the seasons change.

Reservoir 13 sweeps the reader up quickly—it’s quite easy to accidentally read in one sitting and yet still maintains a strong literary quality, understated and emotionally moving in equal measure.

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    'This book is just as strong as Four Streets and had me hooked straight away' 
    'This is a powerful novel which challenges the emotions of its reader; feelings of anger, sadness, joy' 
    'I also liked the gentle humour that emerged - very much a feature of the gallows humour of that time'
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    Out of the Dawn Light

    Alys Clare

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    A brand new medieval mystery from the author of the Hawkenlye series - England, 1087. On her sister's wedding day, Lassair meets an attractive and enigmatic stranger who brings a breath of the fascinating outside world to her backwater Fenland village. When he asks Lassair to use her unique talents to help locate a mysterious treasure she accepts, despite the dangers. But this is no ordinary treasure hunt; the object of the perilous search is five hundred years old and has a terrifying power of its own . . .
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