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Sascha Martin's Time Machine - A kids' sci-fi misadventure that will have you in stitches It's funny too - cover

Sascha Martin's Time Machine - A kids' sci-fi misadventure that will have you in stitches It's funny too

John Arthur Nichol

Publisher: Moonflight Press

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the past!
"With vibrant illustrations, witty verse, and engaging interactive elements, this story will keep younger kids engaged and leave older ones (and their parents) laughing their heads off." (A. C. Spahn, author of the Endurance series and the upcoming Arcane Artisans series.)
Science fiction the way kids love it: wild, unexpected, and packed with laughter! Hands-on science that scientists can only dream of. A kids' sci-fi misadventure that will have you in stitches. It's funny too.
It’s News Day again for Sascha Martin, Landfill Public School’s inventive 8 year old, and a new invention brings his classmates face to face with the living, breathing, stomping, chomping, leaping, climbing, gnashing, slashing megafauna (really big animals) that lived in Australia 12,000 years ago. Plus a ring-in from much, much earlier, and he’s not happy at all!
Life back then was all about not being eaten, and the challenge is almost too much for Sascha, Luca, and Mary-Alice, and Mr Jack and Mrs Barnum, and all the other teachers and children swept up in Sascha’s new Show and Tell miscalculation.
This hilarious, epic sequel to Sascha Martin’s Rocket-Ship adds a new twist to the time travel genre, poking the boundaries of science fiction and taking children where no child has gone before - to a school overrun by enormous prehistoric creatures.
With a Read-Aloud function that you can toggle on and off, kids can follow along as the text highlights in sync with the voice. And it’s a voice you’ll recognise, if you’ve listened to the free audiobook of Sascha Martin’s Rocket-Ship. Australian voice artist Jesse Emma returns to breathe life and rhyme and rhythm into Sascha’s Martin’s second misadventure - every word of it - and to show you how to pronounce the names of all those prehistoric animals. It's a break for your own voice, too, amid endless demands of “read it again!”
But wait! There’s more:
Sascha Martin's Time Machine is educational too!
At the end of the book you'll find profiles of the prehistoric animals featured in the story, with information to fuel any child’s curiosity. And if you want, the animal profiles can be read aloud, just like the story, by the voice of Jesse Emma.
Sascha Martin's Time Machine combines poetry, story, sound, rhyme and rhythm, pictures, text and animation, in a concoction that children won't be able to resist … not that they'll want to.
Here are some early reviews of Sascha Martin’s Time Machine from Amazon:*
It's full of interactive excitement & surprises! (Donutmail)
Exciting, interactive, and educational too ... a great read and definitely worth the expense!!! (Frances K)
Another hilarious Sascha Martin adventure - this time with interactive images! (A. C. Spahn)
Awesome rhymes, lots of laughs and smiles, awesome fun facts, amazingly detailed illustrations. This book is fun for kids and those who just don't want to grow up alike. (madeleine bell - Amazon UK)
I just read this book and it's great fun! Fanastical story with fantastic artwork. ... Probably appropriate for middle-grade readers or younger ones who just enjoy wild adventures with some prehistoric creatures... (Zara G)
My two-year-old who loves dinosaurs enjoyed it very much. (A. C. Spahn)
Wonderful story, beautifully illustrated … My 3-year-old loved the first Sascha Martin story, and Time Machine is a new favourite. ... it's both fun and educational. (Silje Evjenth Bentsen)
Do you like koalas, echidnas, wombats and kangaroos? Come and meet their giant cousins from the last Ice Age! Plus some of the biggest, most fearsome predators you've never heard of. It's like Jurassic Park meets Taronga Zoo, and an adventure that could only happen in Australia.
Get your copy now and plunge into the Pleistocene!

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