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So Speaks the Heart - cover

So Speaks the Heart

Johanna Lindsey

Publisher: HarperCollins e-books

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Born a wealthy French heiress but betrayed into bondage, Brigitte de Louroux swears she will never be any man's slave.  
 Rugged and powerful Rowland of Montville sees only a beautiful enchantress in peasant's rags -- a wench to serve his every need. Defenseless against his unbridled passions, Brigitte is forced to yield her innocence to desires the warrior lord arouses in her heart. But her surrender will vanquish the handsome knight - awakening within him a love as mighty and relentless as his conquering sword.

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    Forbidden Promise

    Lily Weidner

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    Heather is a barely legal college student living with her Uncle Anthony. Filled with the kinky desire of her youth, Heather is soon fantasizing over her much older uncle. When a thunderstorm gives Heather the excuse to climb into Anthony’s bed, the two can’t help their incestuous desire. Horny, kinky, and with a taste for the taboo, just who is seducing the other in this heated romance?
    “I’m…well…I’m cold.”
    Anthony smiled at her, and then opened his bedroom door a little wider. “Come on, you can sleep with me if you want. It’ll at least keep you warm.”
    Heather let Uncle Anthony get in his bed, and then crawled in beside him. For a while, she just curled up to the pillow.
    Anthony saw her hesitation, and then lightly scooted closer to her. His body was warm, and Heather relaxed a little bit. After feeling his warm body against her own skin, Heather’s urges began to take over. Sensing her easiness, Anthony rolled onto his back, and Heather rested her head on his chest.
    She could feel Uncle Anthony’s hand holding her close, yet Heather stayed close willingly. Heather wanted Anthony to touch her like this, and for a moment she thought he would go further.
    There was a wetness growing between her legs, especially when she felt her bare skin against his. To her surprise, she was still tired from the long day. This made her more relaxed, and Heather leaned into Anthony’s touch.
    Uncle Anthony gently kissed her forehead, and Heather couldn’t help but giggle slightly. A part of her was still that shy little girl around her uncle. Seeing her blush, Anthony brushed the hair from her face. “Aw, look how cute you are.”
    Heather blushed deeper, and hid her face against Anthony’s chest.
    Anthony smiled, and then slowly moved his hand down to Heather’s waist.
    When she didn’t shy from his touch, Anthony began to trail his hand along Heather’s back. His strong fingers felt good, and slowly caressed her.
    Heather couldn’t believe the fact that her uncle was caressing her, and she was afraid to move.
    Luckily, Anthony knew that her hesitation wasn’t because of a lack of desire. His hands slowly worked their way to her panties, and yet wouldn’t go further.
    Sensing his desire, Heather leaned back allowing her legs to spread apart. The gesture didn’t go unnoticed by Anthony, and he knew she wanted him. It didn’t take long for him to feel her slender fingers against his hand.
    Heather reached up with her other hand and brought Anthony’s lips to hers. His lack of resistance deepened her desire.
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  • Tom's BDSM Caning - cover

    Tom's BDSM Caning

    Jacky Will

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    Tom, the eager, handsome private hears wild rumors about the ‘punisher’ that trains new privates at the base in his own way, mercilessly. He decides to venture out to see if the rumors are true. Tom has to keep everything a secret, so that he won’t risk his career in the military or get “outed” by accident. 
    Will the private be satisfied with the burning sensations and secretive, steamy sessions?
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  • Mulberry Meatstick for Milba - cover

    Mulberry Meatstick for Milba

    Baron Bunghole

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    When little girls wish upon a star, they dream of dolls, friends, and most of all, prince charming. 
    But what do big girls wish for when they get up there in years and haven't had their field plowed in awhile? 
    Well, they wish for The Merry Meatstick Man. Yes, the Merry Meatstick Man! You know, that guy who brings meat to the desperate and needy. 
    So what happens when this magical member finally meets his match? Dreadful, horrible things that are sure to end in a bang! 
    Approximately 3,300 words.  
    Just to make it abundantly clear, this book contains graphic sexual descriptions involving a witch and leprechaun. It is intended for adults 18 and over, and is not suitable for children.
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  • Black Friday - Book Two of 'Tales of the Circle' - cover

    Black Friday - Book Two of...

    Laura Lovecraft

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    From the dark and sexy world of The Circle, a standalone tale!
    The Lady Mercedes is beautiful, successful, and one of the most powerful dominatrix's on the East Coast. Her club, The Velvet Rope, caters to every fetish imaginable, and in the back rooms, some of the most influential people in the country have indulged in their darkest fantasies.
    Mercedes’ club has also served to treat and reward her fellow brothers and sisters who serve alongside her in the elite BDSM group, The Circle. Even in a group comprised of dominants, she is considered feared and respected…but of late, a problem has arisen. 
    The rules dictate that twice a year, each member must provide a video of themselves having sex, for the entertainment of the group. For reasons of her own, Mercedes no longer takes great pleasure in sex. For her, the game is about control, and no sub is worthy of her…nor will she, even for the Circle, have sex thrust upon her.
    But the Mistress Scarlett is not happy and sends The High Lady Felicia to find out what Mercedes’ issue is. Mercedes eventually relents, and reveals her past to her sister in the Circle.
    From the poverty and ignorance of rural Louisiana to the Big Apple, and from call girl to Mistress, this is the story of a young girl named Tonya Cooper who, through her beauty, ambition, and the lust of men, transformed herself into one of the most powerful women on the East Coast.
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  • Navigating the Captain - Engineering Her Pleasure - cover

    Navigating the Captain -...

    Savannah Stoddard

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    Captain Fiora is wickedly hot out on the cool salty sea. The good captain is willing to surrender control temporarily when it involves wanton lust, primal desire and raw satisfaction. Fiora's engine is primed and ready but will the sultry captain manage to steer Navigator Varyl into becoming her latest lover? Is the broad shouldered navigator up to the task? This story contain hot, straight, guy on girl sex. Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. Get it Now and Enjoy!
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  • Modern Witch - cover

    Modern Witch

    Margret Louis

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    The story of a young girl who finds herself in a situation where young  men began to bow before her wishes. She had never dreamed that the life could be so pleasant.
    A few lines from the book:
    ...While she was still in a dilemma, she got up and moved towards the window. She noticed the shadow now standing near the bushes. 
    She was surprised that the main gate was open but the shadow had jumped over the wall to enter the yard of the house. 
    When the shadow was a little closer, she could clearly see that it was a young man she did not recognize. He took long strides and entered the room of her auntie.
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