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Sex Jokes - cover

Sex Jokes



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Sex JokesOne hundred of hilarious and funny jokes !Have fun and laugh!

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  • Caught in the Act - The Charlie Davies Mysteries #7 - cover

    Caught in the Act - The Charlie...

    Clare Kauter

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    Charlie’s back, and this time she – well, she lets a murderer escape. Oops. Now she has to track the killer down, which would be a lot easier if she wasn’t still healing from her last scrape with a murderer. And it’s not just her injuries slowing her down. The constant nightmares about that guy she stabbed aren’t helping either.  
    Plus now that Topher's back, keeping her thing with James McKenzie a secret is going to be tricky – especially since James and her bro are living together. 
    Charlie needs to catch the murderer, if she doesn’t get caught out first. 
    So basically it’s business as usual. 
    Books in this series: 
    1. Losing Your Head 
    2. Unfinished Sentence 
    3. Graceless 
    4. Higher Learning 
    5. Santa's Little Helper 
    6. Undetected 
    7. Caught in the Act 
    8. Raising Hell 
    0. Short Fuse (prequel novella)
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  • New Year Screw You - The Charlie Davies Mysteries #9 - cover

    New Year Screw You - The Charlie...

    Clare Kauter

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    Charlie Davies is back, and she’s bored.  
    Not only has she not worked a case in months, but now that she’s on holidays her friends are dragging her along to a self improvement class to get ready for the new year. Early mornings, yoga, health food… Basically a total nightmare. 
    Plus her, uh, ‘friend’ Adam has been away from town for six months without sending so much as a text message her way, and Charlie’s beginning to wonder why he’s so studiously avoiding her. 
    When a man is found dead at the yoga studio during Charlie’s personal growth class, she’s thrilled. Finally! A dead body! A dream come true! Teaming up with her friend Eli, she sets about finding the culprit, although it would be a lot easier if her cop boyfriend would help. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem so keen on Charlie chasing after yet another murderer. 
    And when Adam returns to town, things start to get a little… complicated. 
    Charlie might have trouble sticking to some of her resolutions this year
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  • May We Borrow Your Husband? - & Other Comedies of the Sexual Life - cover

    May We Borrow Your Husband? - &...

    Graham Greene

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    A collection of twelve disarmingly witty tales about the complexities of love and intimacy from “a storyteller of genius” (Evelyn Waugh).    “The sense of the author at play dominates” Graham Greene’s entertaining anthology as the masterful British author looks at love, lies, vanity, mortality, romantic obsessions, and seduction from a dozen sharply observed perspectives (The New York Times).   A bored faculty wife looking for a fling discovers something more illuminating than sex; a jaded writer who eavesdrops on a pair of hopeful lovers feels compelled to relieve them of their foolish ideals and ambitions; a widow and a divorcée commiserate in mourning for their lost men, only to rejoice in their freedom after two bottles of blanc de blancs; a young man devises a test of true love—to find a woman who won’t laugh at the absurd circumstances of his father’s death; and in the title story, an oblivious young bride honeymooning in Antibes encourages a friendship between a gay couple and her adventurous and handsome new husband.  
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  • A Charlie Davies Mystery Collection Books 4-6 - The Charlie Davies Mysteries - cover

    A Charlie Davies Mystery...

    Clare Kauter

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    Charlie Davies is back, and now that she's a licensed PI there's no stopping her.  
    Join Charlie on her mystery-solving adventures in this value-packed, binge-worthy boxset! 
    Higher Learning: 
    Charlie Davies is about to face her worst nightmare: she's going back to high school. Following the death of a local schoolgirl, Charlie must go undercover to find out who is dealing drugs to students. Not only does this mean heading back to class, but she must also get to know the girl's friends - who happen to be cheerleaders. Time to break out the pom-poms. 
    Santa's Little Helper: 
    There's a flashing Santa on the loose, jingling his bells at unsuspecting holiday shoppers. Since Charlie is currently on her boss's naughty list, she must go undercover as an elf to try and track this wayward Santa down. This means that at the jolliest time of year, Charlie will be reunited with her greatest enemy: retail. 
    All the signs point to Charlie's big bro, Topher, being back in town. The trouble is, Charlie can't find him - and she's not the only one looking. Even for an amazing PI, this is a tricky case, and Charlie's hardly in the 'amazing' category. With the police searching for her brother, convinced that he's a murderer, Charlie's racing against the clock to find him and help him before he's arrested - or worse. 
    What other readers are saying… 
    "action-packed, laugh filled adventure" 
    "This author makes me laugh out loud and re-read lines just to keep giggling." 
    "entertaining and addictive" 
    "I haven't come across a Charlie Davies Mystery that I haven't enjoyed yet"
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  • The Commuter Series: Funny Stuff To Read On The- Bus Train Plane And In The HOV Lane - cover

    The Commuter Series: Funny Stuff...

    Don Roble

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    Short reads perfect for the commuter. Great for taking to the beach or anyplace you have to wait with nothing to do. The stories are funny and meant to make you laugh and smile.
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  • Beastly Bestiary - cover

    Beastly Bestiary

    A. Tad Strange

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    Eels in high heels! Buttery manatees! 
    A squid who's a jerk! Hip bats! Flatulent dragons! 
    Wombless wombats! A lucky moonlit possum! A slow sex-starved he sloth! 
    Tricky ticks! Spiders with bad-girl allure and hourglass waists! A jazzy goose! The snuffling snowbeast! 
    And that's not all-Frustrated roosters, gizzard nibbling lizards, and sentimentowl owls! 
    These and many other curious creatures populate the perfectly peculiar poetic menagerie of A. Tad Strange. 
    In the great tradition of poets like Ogden Nash, Marianne Moore, and Edward Gorey, Strange's strange 21st-century bestiary offers a roaring good time, horselaughs aplenty, and the inevitable purrs of cuddlesome readerly contentment. 
    With slitheringly seductive wordplay, strange molts words into new meanings. He hatches high-soaringly delightful lines and swallows common-sense headfirst until only a smile remains and the piggy toes of reality are left wriggling. 
    Beastly Bestiary-A tender treat of soft chewy poems guaranteed not to create intellectual indigestion or starve one's funny bone.
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