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Free Your Mind - Overcome Stress & Thrive! - cover

Free Your Mind - Overcome Stress & Thrive!

Jim Koehneke

Publisher: Jim Koehneke

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Many of us live from habits and patterns we created early in life, some of which serve us and some which do not. While we may think that stress is caused by outer circumstances negatively affecting us, that is never the case. Rather, stress is caused by our own relationship with our thoughts and how we react to situations we are confronted with each day. 
When we base our happiness on having conditions, circumstances, and things that only please us, we set ourselves up for unnecessary suffering. But by freeing the mind from these self-imposed limitations, we can experience the joy of being and expressing our one true self. 
But what first needs to happen is to learn how to overcome stress, take authority over your thoughts, and awaken to your wholeness so you can become the powerful person you are meant to be. It is well worth the effort it takes to awaken from the human dream of limitation and separateness, master your mind, and joyfully live stress-free — to fully thrive in life.

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    With her life nearing its end, Millie Steele wants desperately to see her grandson's faith restored - and him happily married to a Christian girl. When she enlists Kally McCoy as her home caregiver, the pretty young woman's presence seems only to antagonize Preston Steele. Preston loves his grandmother and, wanting to see her rest in peace, pretends to fall in love with Kally. He puts on a good act, and even attends church with Kally. But soon, the things he hears at church and his growing friendship with Kally begin to make a real change in his heart. Kally has grown to love Preston and has even accepted his proposal of marriage. But will the discovery of his game of pretend kill love's flame?
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    From USA TODAY Best Selling Author, Lexy Timms, comes a billionaire romance that'll make you swoon and fall in love all over again.  
    Jamie Connors has decided a job is more important than a boyfriend. She's landed an awesome position working as billionaire Alex Reid's personal PA. It is not meant to be a job with benefits and yet she finds herself in Alex' bed. Despite being smart, pretty, and slightly overweight, she doesn't believe she's attractive enough for a man like Alex.  
    Trying to manage work and put as much time into her sister's wedding, Jamie finds herself trying to please everyone. Her sister's wedding is at the foreground of the family's attention. Jamie would be fine if her sister wasn't so bossy, if her mother would stop nagging and her awful ex-boyfriend wasn't about to become her brother-in-law.  
    Jamie has to learn to love herself again, speak up for herself and have the confidence to go after what she wants. She also needs to prove to Alex that she's perfect for her job and for his bed.  
    ** The Boss Too is book 2 in the Managing the Bosses series. **  
    The Boss 
    The Boss Too 
    Who's the Boss Now 
    Love the Boss 
    I Do The Boss 
    Wife to the Boss 
    Employed by hte Boss 
    Brother to the Boss 
    Senior Advisor to the Boss 
    Forever the Boss 
    *Christmas Novella: Gift for the Boss bk 3.5* 
    For mature audiences only. There are adult situations, but this is a love story, NOT erotica.
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    “Passionate. Show-stopping. Daringly over-the-top and impressively consistent in its delirious excess. The Clean House shines.”—New Haven Advocate 
    “The Clean House is not, by any means, a traditional boy-meets-girl story. In fact disease, death, and dirt are among the subjects it addresses. This comedy is romantic, deeply so, but in the more arcane sense of the word: visionary, tinged with fantasy, extravagant in feeling, maybe a little nuts.”—The New York Times 
    “Touching, inventive, invigoratingly compact, and luminously liquid, Eurydice reframes the ancient myth of ill-fated love to focus not on the bereaved musician but on his dead bride—and on her struggle with love beyond the grave.”—San Francisco Chronicle 
    This volume is the first publication of Sarah Ruhl, “a playwright with a unique comic voice, perspective, and sense of theater” (Variety), who is fast leaving her mark on the American stage. In the award-winning Clean House—a play of uncommon romance and uncommon comedy—a maid who hates cleaning dreams about creating the perfect joke, while a doctor who treats cancer leaves his heart inside one of his patients. This volume also includes Eurydice, Ruhl’s reinvention of the tragic Greek tale of love and loss, together with a third play still to be named. 
    Sarah Ruhl received the prestigious Susan Smith Blackburn Prize in 2004 for her play The Clean House, which has been produced at Yale Repertory Theatre in New Haven, Wilma Theatre in Philadelphia, South Coast Repertory Theatre in Costa Mesa, and Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company in Washington, DC. Her play Eurydice has been produced at Madison Repertory Theatre and Berkeley Repertory Theatre.
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  • Buteyko Breathing Course Manual - cover

    Buteyko Breathing Course Manual

    Drs. Eduard Reuvers

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    *** Official course manual of the Advanced Buteyko Institute ***
    The Buteyko Course Manual is meant for participants to the Buteyko Breathing Course. It explains the basics of the Advanced Buteyko Breathing and gives tips, instructions and guidelines to follow during the course.
    We recommend reading the Buteyko Course Manual as you begin the course and before having the first teaching session with your instructor so you can ask any follow-up questions. A few weeks later you'll benefit from reading it again just as a refresher.
    Also if you're still contemplating doing the Buteyko Course, reading this Buteyko Course Manual may help you make up your mind and get a better idea of what exactly the Buteyko Breathing Course is about.
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  • Liberation From Your Madness - the Tao of mental health and stability - cover

    Liberation From Your Madness -...

    Barefoot Doctor

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    The total Taoist approach to retrieving and maintaining a state of mental balance, perspective calm, confidence, joyousness, clarity, authenticity, sanity, and ease, comprising all pertinent Taoist healing technique and philosophy to adjust mood, humor, energy levels, and strength of mind and body, as you go along without recourse to medication. Presented in a fun, engaging, intelligent, easy-to-follow way that will reassure and heal you simply by the warmth and love transmitted through the words, and the exercises themselves when followed are highly effective. This book has been the healing miracle for millions of people who’d otherwise be a total mess now. 
    Pretty much every aspect of the human condition is covered, and most challenges to daily peace addressed – pick your issue and find the answer do the exercise and watch how it frees you from the shackles of confusion, depression, anxiety, anguish and all other psychopathies provided you’re lucid enough to read and implement the suggestions.
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  • Noble Masquerade (Hawthorne House Book #1) - cover

    Noble Masquerade (Hawthorne...

    Kristi Ann Hunter

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    Sparkling Regency Romance from a Captivating New VoiceLady Miranda Hawthorne acts every inch the lady, but inside she longs to be bold and carefree. Entering her fourth Season and approaching spinsterhood in the eyes of society, she pours her innermost feelings out not in a diary but in letters to her brother's old school friend, a duke--with no intention of ever sending these private thoughts to a man she's heard stories about but never met. Meanwhile, she also finds herself intrigued by Marlow, her brother's new valet, and although she may wish to break free of the strictures that bind her, falling in love with a servant is more of a rebellion than she planned. When Marlow accidentally discovers and mails one of the letters to her unwitting confidant, Miranda is beyond mortified. And even more shocked when the duke returns her note with one of his own that initiates a courtship-by-mail. Insecurity about her lack of suitors shifts into confusion at her growing feelings for two men--one she's never met but whose words deeply resonate with her heart, and one she has come to depend on but whose behavior is more and more suspicious. When it becomes apparent state secrets are at risk and Marlow is right in the thick of the conflict, one thing is certain: Miranda's heart is far from all that's at risk for the Hawthornes and those they love.
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