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Money - The Keatyn Chronicles Series #10 - cover

Money - The Keatyn Chronicles Series #10

Jillian Dodd

Publisher: Jillian Dodd Inc.

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Meet Riley Johnson. CEO of Captive Films.  
Hot. Rich. Privileged. Seriously Single. 
There could never be a reality show about my life. 
It’d just be work and sex. 
Lots and lots of sex. 
No breakups. 
No fights with friends. 
Zero drama. 
Drama’s for the movies. 
Not for me. 
I’m Riley Johnson. 
I’ve got it all. 
Brand new jet. Exotic cars. Luxury penthouse. Black card. A different aspiring actress (or two) in my bed every night. 
I run Captive Films. 
Where we leave you begging for more. 
Or maybe that’s just me. 
My life is perfect. 
 . . . Until she walks back into it. 
The Hollywood Love series follows the lives and loves of those who work at Captive Films: 
Hot, successful, playboy Riley Johnson, whose business success far exceeds his success in love.  
Movie star, Keatyn Douglas, whose epic love story has spawned a series of books and movies.  
And Dawson Johnson, who joins Captive with a tragic past.  
Expect lots of drama, sex, and tabloid-worthy events. 
This is a standalone contemporary romance series featuring characters from the USA Today bestselling series The Keatyn Chronicles.

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    The Most Practical & Modern Guide to Living a Minimalist Lifestyle in 7 DaysIs your house overflowing with stuff that you don’t use or need? Clutter can: • Overwhelm the senses • Consume space • Drain energy from our surroundings • Cause stress and anxietyThis book will show you how to lighten up so you can walk into your home and be surrounded only by the things you love. Living in a minimalistic way means clearing the clutter from your life to focus on what’s truly important. Chances are, 75% of the things in your home are no benefit to your life at all. You’ll also find that throwing out a few garbage bags feels even better than therapy.Why do you hold onto things? Here are just some of the reasons: • Security—but the paradox is that the more we cling, the more frustrated and overwhelmed we feel. • Addiction—shopping is a high and the novelty wears off. • Approval—keeping material representations of who we are is one way we show off. • Identity—we identify with what we own so that’s why we’re upset when something is stolen or broken. • Obligation to others—we please others by keeping gifts and inherited things we don’t really like or need.By letting go of possessions that no longer serves us, we can • Let go of old beliefs • Open ourselves up to new opportunities and relationships • See your home, your life for what they really are • Need less and do more • Cultivate meaningful relationships • Be more in tune with yourself in a meditative space • Stop shopping as a form of therapy • Stop wasting money • Restore clarity • FIND WHAT YOU REALLY VALUEWhen you have inner clutter, it expands to your environment. So when you live in a clean and soothing environment, it can only benefit your inner life.Don’t let the word minimalism scare you. Minimalistic living is not about getting rid of modern advancements and living in the stone age. It’s only about keeping things that are useful, meaningful and add value to your life. While it does not place importance on material things and lavish living, minimalism is also not about denying yourself of the things you need. The guide is divided by different rooms and topics to make it easy and practical to refer to. • Entryway • Kitchen • Living Room • Bathroom • Bedroom • Children’s Rooms • Teen Rooms • Garage • Basement • Attic • Garden • Office • Computer & Technology • Closets • Mail • Sentimental Objects • Photos • Cards & Letters • Music • PeopleThis book also helps you • Recognize Clutter • Declutter, clean & organize your home room by room • Sell your things for profit • Shop for a minimalist wardrobe • Get your family on board • Declutter digital content and computer files • Go car-free or car-lite • Surround yourself with people who add value to your life • Maintain your space once you’ve minimalizedLiving with less is the first step to a peaceful mind. It makes space for the new to come in. Buy the book, put it into practice and welcome positive change into your life now.
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    Where do I start?
    Over the years of psychic medium work I have frequently been asked,
    "When did you know you were psychic?"
    For me it was very early in my childhood. I believe we are all born with psychic abilities and as a child my mother supported my gift. Many people ignore or are in denial about their psychic ability as they're just not ready. Believe it or not, all of us to some degree have psychic abilities.
    Throughout my family history our psychic abilities are well documented. My children also have the gift and choose to use their abilities at their own discretion.
    Over the years I have trained many talented people who have become Spiritual Teachers, Reiki Masters, Clairvoyants and Healers. Other students have done my programs for their own personal spiritual journey. I love my students as they come from all walks of life and beliefs.
    I love that spirituality has no denomination.
    The work I do is active, interactive and thought provoking. During my 'Evenings with Spirit', I speak to those who have passed over in front of a live audience. What comes through from time to time is both exciting and riveting. Some come to my live shows with reservations or skepticism and leave wanting to come back or to make a booking for a personal consultation.
    All I ask is that people approach what I do with an open mind.
    I am pleased you have taken the time to read my introduction. My invitation for you to come into my world through this book is genuine as I know many of you with natural psychic ability will be curious to know my story. Having the gift can be a lonely and confusing path to follow at times but through my book I hope to be able to help you to find some of the answers you may be seeking.
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    Stephen R. Covey's the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People explains through infographics, and text the teachings that have revolutionized life management. For 25 years, Stephen R. Covey’s step-by-step lessons have helped millions from all walks of life lead successful and satisfying lives.
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    A shocking look at the link between sugar, inflammation, and a host of preventable chronic diseases—perfect for fans of bestselling author Gary Taubes’ The Case Against Sugar—from leading nerve surgeon Dr. Richard Jacoby.  
    What Grain Brain did for wheat, this book by a leading peripheral nerve surgeon now does for sugar, revealing how it causes crippling nerve damage throughout the body—in our feet, organs, and brain—why sugar and carbohydrates are harmful to the body's nerves, and how eliminating them can mitigate and even reverse the damage. 
    If you suffer from ailments your doctors can’t seem to diagnose or help—mysterious rashes, unpredictable digestive problems, debilitating headaches, mood and energy swings, constant tiredness—nerve compression is the likely cause. Sugar Crush exposes the shocking truth about how a diet high in sugar, processed carbohydrates, and wheat compresses and damages the peripheral nerves of the body, leading to pain, numbness, and tingling in the hands and feet, along with a host of related conditions, including migraines, gall bladder disease, and diabetes. 
    Over the years, Dr. Richard Jacoby has treated thousands of patients with peripheral neuropathy. Now, he shares his insights as well as the story of how he connected the dots to determine how sugar is the common denominator of many chronic diseases. In Sugar Crush, he offers a unique holistic approach to understanding the exacting toll sugar and carbs take on the body. Based on his clinical work, he breaks down his highly effective methods, showing how dietary changes reducing sugar and wheat, coinciding with an increase of good fats, can dramatically help regenerate nerves and rehabilitate their normal function. 
    Sugar Crush includes a quiz to assess your nerve damage, practical dietary advice, and the latest thinking on ways to prevent and reverse neuropathy. If you have diabetes, this essential guide will help you understand the dangers and give you the tools you need to make a difference beyond your doctor’s prescriptions. If you have the metabolic syndrome or prediabetes, or are just concerned about your health, it will help you reverse and prevent nerve damage.
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    Forex Day Trading 101 is for people who are brand new complete beginners to Forex investing and trading who are just getting the idea that they would like to get into trading the financial markets and do it as a business. It is the only Forex learning book you will ever need as a self-directed beginner. The information in Forex Day Trading 101 provides someone who is brand new to Forex investing and trading with zero knowledge where to start with the beginner information they need to get them learning the right way the first time from the first day in the self-directed trading business in order to be able to make money right away. 
    Everyone has to start somewhere in this business and Forex Day Trading 101 is written to tell beginning Forex day traders and investors how to do just that, begin. You must have the right information from the very first day if you want to get on the fast track to becoming successful in the financial market trading business and make be consistently profitable from the start. Forex Day Trading 101 can get you going properly. 
    Forex Day Trading 101 covers the basic information anyone brand new will need to become a consistently profitable self-directed investor and trader. There is nothing advanced in here, it is a beginners book, and some tips for beginner strategies for both day trading, swing and position trading are discussed. There is a certain progression of learning which all new self-directed traders must go through and the information in Forex Day Trading 101 tells you how to do that the easiest and fastest way. 
    Forex Day Trading 101 goes beyond teaching you what to learn. It covers topics that are relevant for any aspiring self-directed professional Forex investor and trader including risk management and trading psychology. This book stresses how important self-awareness and risk management is. These are the most critical lessons for day traders to learn first. 
    By reading this entire book, you'll know exactly where to start, what to do next, and where you can realistically expect to end up. Instead of being overwhelmed, you'll have a clear view as to what exactly you need to study first to be able to compose and have a great trading plan. As you read the book, pay attention and note important topics that you want to learn more about. There are some clickable extra links provided to give you quick access to more information.
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