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Foraging - A Beginner's Guide to Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants - SHTF #1 - cover

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Foraging - A Beginner's Guide to Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants - SHTF #1

Jill b.

Publisher: Jill b.

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Are you looking for ways to help make ends meet? 
Are you a survival prepper or prepping for a zombie apocalypse? 
Knowing what you can eat in the wild is important! Did you know that a large number of plants that grow wild are edible or have medicinal properties? Better yet - this is FREE food just growing in the wild for the taking! (Please check your local laws before foraging.) You don't need to head into the woods to look for these plants - many grow wild in backyards, lawns and even sidewalks! 
Unfortunately, many foraging books cover only regional plants that were not applicable to wild edible and medicinal plants that grew in Colorado. 
Jill has been foraging for food and medicinal plants since 2007. In this Beginner's Guide, she covers 10 wild plants that grow in most of North America including: 
- Cattail 
- Clover 
- Dandelion 
- Jerusalem Artichokes 
- Pine 
- Plantango 
- Prickly Pear 
- Purslane 
- Usnea 
- Yucca  
- Includes identification guides, possible toxic lookalikes, recipes, uses, risks and storage methods.
Available since: 11/17/2014.

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