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The Little Book of Limericks - A Collection of Limericks #1 - cover

The Little Book of Limericks - A Collection of Limericks #1

Jessica Rivers

Publisher: Jessica Rivers

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Limericks my favorite form of verse. Every day I try to create at least one new limerick and write it down in my journal. I have decided to collect them and share them with the world. 
This book contains around 100 funny, non-rude limerick peoms, suitable for children as well as adults. 
This is the first book in the series and I hope you enjoy it!

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  • Lost Maine Coastal Schooners - From Glory Days to Ghost Ships - cover

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    Dramatic true stories of New England maritime history, with photos.   Large, wooden-hulled schooners graced the seas of coastal Maine for more than a century as vessels of trade and commerce. With the advent of steam-powered craft, however, these elegant four-, five-, or six-masted wooden ships became obsolete and vanished from the harbors and horizons.   The Edward Lawrence, the last of the six-masters, became her own funeral pyre in Portland Harbor, burning to ash before everyone’s eyes. The Carroll A. Deering washed ashore with no trace of her crew, empty as a ghost ship except for three cats and a pot of pea soup still cooking on the stove. In this testament to the beauty of the Maine coastal region, maritime history enthusiast Ingrid Grenon tells the story of these magnificent relics of the bygone Age of Sail and celebrates the people who devoted their lives to the sea.  
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  • Crochet for Beginners - cover

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    Crochet: Crochet for Beginners: All You Need To Know to Start Crocheting - From Basic Steps to Easy Patterns!  All that You Need to Know about Crochet for Beginners
    • Figure out the Art of Crocheting 
    Crocheting is a hobby of creating projects with the use of yarn, needles, hooks, and thread. It originated in China and Iran in the 19th century and have since gotten the curiosity of people who are fond of do-it-yourself projects and those who want to make use of their time in a remarkable way. If you know how to crochet, you can make your own coffee cup holders, scarves, shawls, hats, mittens, granny squares and even embellishments, such as flowers or rings. 
    Knowing how to crochet is amazing because the hobby is not just any hobby—it also enhances creativity, enriches your soul and lightens your mood. Plus, it’s always good when you learn certain skills that can make your life so much easier and better for you!
    7 Reasons to Buy This Book 
    1. With the help of this book, you will learn about the different stitches used in crocheting so you can make a variety of projects that will prove to be useful for your life. 
    2. Crocheting is a good way to pass time. Instead of just sitting down and doing nothing, you can make use of your time to actually create something from your own hands—and that would definitely feel amazing! 
    3. It will help you relax. Scientific studies have shown that people who crochet are more relaxed than those who have not tried the said hobby. It lightens once mood and drives anxiety away, which is important in the kind of life that people live these days. 
    4. It will keep you entertained. Sometimes, TV shows are already so boring that you have to find another activity that will hold your attention—and crocheting will do that for you!  
    5. It helps you be more creative! Because of the fact that crocheting lets you play with colors, shapes, patterns and various techniques, it will stimulate your mind and let your creative juices flow out. 
    6. It’s therapeutic. Crocheting actually improves hand-eye coordination so that can improve the state of your health. Plus, even people who have disabilities can crochet, too! 
    7. And, it’ll help you find friends! There are a lot of crocheting groups and foundations around the world so you’ll find people you can connect with!
    What You’ll Know from “Canning and Preserving for Beginners” 
    •    The basic crocheting steps, such as slip knots; 
    •    Knowing how to hold a hook and which materials you need to use; 
    •    Other helpful stitches that you can use, such as double crochet stitches and loops; 
    •    Crochet Projects such as mittens, granny squares, and scarves, and; 
    •    Tips that will enhance your crocheting skills all the more!
    What are you waiting for? Download this book now and start crocheting! 
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