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What it Takes… From $20 to $200 Million - Jerry Azarkman’s Memoir - cover

What it Takes… From $20 to $200 Million - Jerry Azarkman’s Memoir

Jerry Azarkman, Ruth Garcia-Corrales

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

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Readers will learn:
Learn the path through the millionaire Jerry’s life and his business philosophy.
Discover the four D’s for success and how to apply them in their life. 
The seven steps that made him who he is today—a millionaire.

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    Diabetes is a complicated disease, and it is sometimes described with complex terms. To stay healthy, any person trying to manage their diabetes needs to understand the constantly growing vocabulary of diabetes research and treatment. This second edition of The Diabetes Dictionary from the American Diabetes Association gives the reader the straightforward definitions of diabetes terms and concepts that he or she needs to successfully manage their disease. With more than 500 entries, this pocket-size book is an indispensable resource for every person with diabetes.
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    You only need a bit of vision, an afternoon and some inspiring music and you can create the home of your dreams as well.
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  • Safe Drinking Water on Tap - What You Need to Know to Get the Best for Less - cover

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    More than 20 years ago, when our children were very small, I felt the
    need for better drinking water quality and I purchased a small counter top
    appliance that hooked up to the water tap.
    It didnt take long before I realized that this was just a bandaid and
    that something more powerful was needed and thus I embarked on a
    mission to educate myself about home drinking water filtration systems.
    This was pretty much in the days before I had a computer, so I looked at
    trade magazines and sent for every drinking water brochure I could find,
    read them all and compared for quality and price. This convinced me very
    quickly of the benefits and affordability of solid carbon block technology and
    I ended up with a company that took the water filtration business very
    seriously and in my opinion did produce and still produces
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