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The RV Lifestyle Manual: Living as a Boondocking Expert – How to Swap Your Day Job for Travel and Adventure on the Open Road - cover

The RV Lifestyle Manual: Living as a Boondocking Expert – How to Swap Your Day Job for Travel and Adventure on the Open Road

Jeremy Frost

Publisher: Jeremy Frost

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Want More Freedom and Travel in Your Life? Read on to Discover an Increasingly Popular Lifestyle That's Surprisingly Affordable. 
In the words of Bob Dylan, "The Times They Are A Changin'." And while this sentiment will always be true, right now it means some pretty exciting things are happening. They have the potential to revolutionize lifestyle and dramatically increase your quality of life. 
Ubiquitous technologies and flexible societal structures have created opportunities that were previously unimaginable. For example, remote and freelance work has become incredibly common and highly popular given its desirable flexibility and convenience. 
The RV lifestyle takes these ideas a step further. Living entirely in an RV, you untether completely from a traditional home base and start having a new experience of life. 
Despite what you might think, the RV lifestyle isn't just for the wealthy or the retired. While it's an alternative living arrangement, you can still continue to work, have a place to come home to every night, and raise a family. 
9 million families in the US currently own an RV. Of those, nearly half a million live in theirs full time. This trend is only increasing. 
It's a fantastic opportunity to get out of the daily grind with more… FreedomTravelConnection to nature and outdoor activitiesFocus on experiences and relationships (rather than stuff) 
...and adventure. 
It just takes some preparation, adjustment, and investment to get everything in place and in the swing of things. Though there's upfront effort and expenses, you ́ll end up saving time and more than $5000 a year in the long run. 
"The RV Lifestyle Manual" helps you see if this is for you, get everything up and running, and plan while on the road. In the book, you'll discover: Tons of details and requirements covering every aspect of the RV lifestyle that most people don't think of until they're on the roadAnswers the riddle of how to live comfortably on the open road (easier than you think).Key requirements for earning an income while travelingBaby steps to downsizing your life and making money in the processRV Purchasing guide – what to look for in an RV based on your situation, intended use, and budgetUnexpected things that come up regularly and how to deal with them like it's no big dealHow to change things up to make RVing work with children and petsSurprisingly simple things you can do to make a small space feel bigger and homey.Planning your route with lesser-known campgrounds to save money and delight your soul.Frequently asked questions and concerns resolved  
And much more.  
Some people resist the idea of an RV lifestyle because it's different than conventional living. While the benefits are extraordinary, the apprehension about change and costs is understandable. 
By first learning about everything that's involved with the RV lifestyle, you can make an informed choice.  
Further, you can stagger the changes you're making so everything doesn't come all at once. For instance, you can transition to working remotely, downsizing to a smaller fixed living arrangement, or renting an RV to experience it for a limited time.

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