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Undead Worlds 1 - A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Anthology - cover

Undead Worlds 1 - A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Anthology

Jeremy Dyson, Derek Ailes, Mark Cusco Ailes, David Simpson, Justin Robinson, Sylvester Barzey, Michael Peirce, Samie Sands, Charles Ingersoll, Brea Behn, Grivante, Valerie Lioudis, R.L. Blalock, Julien Saindon, Adrienne Lecter, T.D. Ricketts, Jessica Gomez, Christopher Artinian, EE Isherwood, Christopher Mahood, Michael Whitehead, Arthur Mongelli

Publisher: Reanimated Writers Press

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22 Authors. 22 Undead worlds. 1 Great Book.Do you dare?Alone Together by David SimpsonWhat do you do when there is nowhere left to run?Gone Fishin’ by Justin RobinsonWhen the dead rise, the living become the monsters.The Festival by Christopher MahoodA city on lockdown as a nation awaits bloodshed, let the festival begin.Jimmy by Arthur MongelliDecades of meddling with the food we eat brings about the zombie apocalypse, ordinary people struggle to survive.The Fort by Michael WhiteheadWhen sanctuary becomes a prison, all you can do is fight.Adam by Sylvester BarzeySome families aren't worth dying for.A Peaceful Town by Jeremy DysonHe promised to keep her safe from the dead, but no place is safe anymore.The Undead Pool: The Zombie Night by Derek AilesSuperheroes battle the living dead in the ultimate spoof of the comic book universe.Zombie Exterminators by GrivanteTwo brothers saving the world one job at a time!The Horror at Roswell Mills by Michael PeirceWhen the newly formed Combined Ops South took a long look at her vigilante operations, 'Captain Alice' was quickly invited to integrate her 'Posse' with the State Defense Forces.Before Safe Haven: Losing the Battle by Christopher ArtinianThere is no greater weapon than the will to fight for the ones you love.On the Rocks by E.E. IsherwoodMorning of The Living Dead by Mark Cusco AilesCreating zombies for a theme park isn't an awesome idea when the zombies escape from the Zombie Park.Defenseless: A Story of Death & Decay by R. L. BlalockAs the zombies rise, 6-year-old Dylan must face a frightening new world alone.To the Hills by T. D. RickettsA real live zombie apocalypse!When I Grow Up, I Won’t Be by Brea BehnWhat if you knew you'd never make it to 18?Fallen by Jessica GomezShh... don't make a sound.Brain Waves by Julien SaindonBetter living through dead electronics.Damaged Goods by Samie SandsThere's only one rule: don't get bit!Avery by Valerie LioudisTrapped in a world with the undead, Avery looks to control it by filling her space with treasures, leading her to risk her life for useless garbage.In the Beginning, God by Charles IngersollGod made Man. Man made monsters.Evacuation by Adrienne LecterWhen the world is about to end, one man has to bring home the bacon.

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    Tonya was a child during the Salem witch trials. She was practicing witchcraft with a few girls from the village and her teacher, Mrs. Tysbourne. During a ritual for a girl named Sarah Williams, the group was caught by someone. Everyone ran home to hide from whomever it was who had seen them. Soon, people were being put on trial for witchcraft.
    Mrs. Tysbourne made Tonya a special ring and told her never to put it on unless she needed protection. She was then forced to watch Mrs. Tysbourne be hanged.
    After a long time had passed, Tonya decided it was time to be baptized. But the baptism failed, and she was placed in jail and sentenced to be hanged the next day. She put the ring on her finger. After she was hung, she found herself in a grave.
    She decided to travel the world in search of others like her. She also embarked on a search for a way to break her cursefor she would later discover that she was now a vampire. On her journeys, she met Count Dracula and traveled with him for a while. She also discovered werewolves, along with elves who had come to fight a war started over using her ring to open the gates of hell.
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    The third book in the best-selling post-apocalyptic zombie series, Empty Bodies 
    The group is left trying to pick up the pieces after the brutal actions of David Ellis. 
    Will is an emotional wreck, having seen his mother brutally killed in front of him by one of the creatures. 
    Gabriel is filled with guilt after losing Dylan. 
    And Holly and Marcus are just trying to keep Will stable. 
    Jessica reveals to the group that she knows where David is, having overheard him talking on a radio while she hid in a closet. Gabriel believe it’s the same place Dylan is. 
    With no firearms, the group find themselves in a race against time to arm themselves and get to the farm where they believe Dylan is, before David and Clint bring their fully-loaded forces to the hospital. 
    Perfect for any fan of post-apocalyptic horror, dystopian science fiction, supernatural suspense, or the zombie apocalypse!
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  • The Neighbors - cover

    The Neighbors

    Zach Bohannon

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    A dark force is haunting this quiet, suburban neighborhood 
    Lakewood Drive is a quiet street in a calm, suburban neighborhood. Kids run around and play outside. Neighbors wave at each other in passing. And barbecue grills fill the Summer air with the inviting smell of charred meat. 
    Everything is peaceful until one morning, a beloved teenage boy commits suicide, sending a shockwave throughout the community. 
    Three houses down lives Spencer Robinson. He has a wife, a toddler, and a good job. Overall, he’s a happy guy who loves his life and keeps to himself. 
    But something evil has come to Lakewood Drive. 
    The tragic loss of Spencer’s teenage neighbor is only the beginning. Soon after, death strikes again on Lakewood Drive. 
    And it’s coming for him next… 
    A creepy supernatural thriller by the bestselling author of the Empty Bodies series and The Witness.
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