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The Slave Wife - Ready and Willing - cover

The Slave Wife - Ready and Willing

Jenny Lee

Publisher: Digital Unlimited

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A horny, newlywed couple gets stuck in a massive downpour and look to a group of strangers for help. Things take a turn for the worse when the gang expects to be repaid for their act of kindness. What kind of filthy shenanigans await?

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  • Blood Therapy - cover

    Blood Therapy

    Lynda Hilburn

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    Colorado psychologist Kismet Knight and the dark world of vampires are back in this sexy, romantic sequel to the wicked romp, The Vampire Shrink. 
    Still reeling from the so-called vampire murders around Halloween, Kismet is trying to adjust to her new otherworldly patients and her unique relationship with drop-dead gorgeous nightwalker Devereux. She can't deny her attraction to him, but is his intoxicating hold on her a loving embrace or vice-like grip? And while Devereux has been clear about what he'll do to any immortal who lay a fang on her, Kismet is still being stalked by Lucifer, the obsessed bloodsucker  targeting  therapists for death. With Kismet scheduled to make a presentation at the American Psychological Association's New York conference, handsome FBI agent Alan Stevens feels it's too risky to let her go without him. Not only is he concerned that the conference is a psychologist smorgasbord too juicy for Lucifer to pass up, but there is also some unfinished personal business with Kismet to be settled. 
    Can Alan-or Devereux-track down the elusive Lucifer, or is Kismet destined to confront him herself?
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  • My Secret Life Volume 2 - cover

    My Secret Life Volume 2

    Author Anonymous

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    Subtitled the Secret Diary of a Victorian Gentleman, this book was banned for being sexually explicit and pornographic but following its publication has become known as an erotic masterpiece. No one really knows the identity of the pleasure seeking author or what in this diary is fact or fiction but as an example of Victorian erotic fiction it is a convincing and compelling document.
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  • Duty and Desire - Military Erotic Romance - cover

    Duty and Desire - Military...

    Kristina Wright

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    The only thing stronger than the call of duty is the call of desire! This anthology of military erotic romance serves up a team of hot-blooded men (and women) from every branch of the military who serve their country and follow their hearts wherever they might be stationed. When the mission is done, the unit is recalled or the ship pulls into port, they set their sights on a new target—the pursuit of passion and love. In and out of uniform, stateside and abroad, these military warriors meet passion and danger head on. All's fair in love and war—in and out of uniform. Edited and with stories by Kristina Wright, wife of a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, Duty and Desire includes stories of U.S. soldiers, sailors, aviators, Marines and Special Forces (Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and many more. Uniforms have never been sexier!
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  • Doctor's Orders - cover

    Doctor's Orders

    Imelda Stark

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     financial disaster forces the gorgeous blonde coed, Cindy Swanberg, to 
    drop out of school, she’s left to fend for herself. She’s soon 
    approached by an attractive older couple for a position in their medical
     office where Jim is the doctor and Jenna the nurse. Although Cindy 
    loves the work, she’s curious about the strong sexual vibe between her 
    employers, and wonders why the two disappear into a sound-proof 
    treatment room every day at lunch. She screws up her courage to ask 
    Jenna, and is told that the voluptuous brunette was disciplined for her 
    bossy ways by having her brazenly feminine bottom bent and bared and 
    soundly spanked, after which her hardy chastiser rewarded himself for 
    his efforts by spending his semen between her chastised buttocks. 
     young blonde declares her hopeless crush on both members of the couple,
     and her fervent interest in the kind of sex they fancy.  She’s informed
     that they are also involved in a daily research project in which a 
    bound naked submissive woman is subjected to carefully designed 
    experiments.  These are designed to elicit her responses to painful 
    pleasures while being observed by a large WebCam audience paying a 
    dollar a minute apiece for the privilege to participate as amateur 
    observers.  Cindy decides to enlist, and what ensues is a fascinating 
    journey into the dark sexual realm where erotic pain and pleasure become
     indistinguishable from each other.
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  • Sadopaideia - cover


    Anonymous Author

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    The Wordsworth Erotica Collection includes some of
    the finest Victorian and Edwardian examples of the genre.
    About this book:
    Edwardian in tone and Rabelaisian in content, this underground English classic first published in 1907 relates the bawdy adventures of a young gentleman, Cecil Prendergast.  While a student at Oxford, Cecil succumbs to the erotic allure of the domineering Mrs Harcourt.  Under her careful tutelage, he avidly learns the sublime arts of both submission and triumph with the lovely Muriel, Juliette, Gladys, and other adventurous young ladies she brings his way.
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  • Auditioning Helga - cover

    Auditioning Helga

    Kathrin Pissinger

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    An older wife offered herself to me online, so I first tested her limits with the help of her husband.An Author's Republic audio production.
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