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Lesbian Erotica Bundle: Girl on Girl Wife Seduction and Ménage Stories - cover

Lesbian Erotica Bundle: Girl on Girl Wife Seduction and Ménage Stories

Jennifer Lynne

Publisher: JLE Publishing

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Four intensely hot, sexy stories, 30,000 words of lesbians, lesbian wife seduction and sapphic erotica from the Brit queen of erotica – all together for the very first time!  
New Lesbian Lovers 
Rachelle and Nichole are two young, sexy lesbians who hook up for a night of steamy, sapphic sex. Together they explore each other's hot, tight young bodies as each works towards an incredibly mind-blowing climax. 
Lesbian Hot Wife FFM Nude Beach Menage 
It's Ashley's first time on a nude beach, and she is determined to make the most of the exhibitionist opportunities for showing off her hot wife, sexy body. Her husband, Phil leaves her alone on the beach within sight of a hot, voyeur lesbian, who makes her move when Ashley invites her over to rub sun screen all over her naked body. 
Cuckolded by my Hot Wife and a Lesbian 
As an obedient cuckold, I watch as my beautiful wife invites a hot woman into our boudoir for a hot, passionate night of sapphic delights. I am completely at the whim of my wife and her female lover who tease me mercilessly as they explore one another's bodies, cavorting naked on my marital bed.  
The Cuckold's Hot Wife and the Lesbian Stripper 
In the first part of this unbelievably hot series, suspecting his wife of being unfaithful, Tim hides in the bedroom closet in order to catch her red handed. What he witnesses is his hot wife Lydia and her new friend, Jasmine, both dressed in sexy stripper clothes following their pole dance class, Liz experiencing her very first time at the expert hands of the hot lesbian as the two new friends enjoy each others' firm, toned bodies.

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  • Strangers On A Train - Schoolgirls Daddies And A Whole Lot More - cover

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    A step-father and step-daughter are about to embark on a never to be 
    forgotten train journey, and they want to share their love with all the 
    All characters in this book are eighteen or over.This is a pseudo-incest story.
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