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Interracial BBC Bundle: Black Man White Woman MFM and Public Ménage Erotica - cover

Interracial BBC Bundle: Black Man White Woman MFM and Public Ménage Erotica

Jennifer Lynne

Publisher: JLE Publishing

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Four intensely hot, sexy stories, 33,000 words of interracial desire from the Brit queen of erotica – all together for the very first time!  
My Very Public Ménage 
Upon her request, Katherine's mysterious billionaire lover, Antoine escorts her to an exclusive and debauched fetish party. Before long, Antoine commands her to remove her latex mini dress and try to find him amidst the ongoing decadence - whilst totally nude. Katherine follows the instruction and having scoured the party naked she finds Antoine, accompanied by a half dozen of the biggest, darkest men she has ever seen – and they are all there for her pleasure… 
The BBC, The Hot Wife and the Cuckold 
Suspecting his wife of being unfaithful, a husband hides in the bedroom closet in order to catch her red handed. What he witnesses is his hot wife Trisha and her pole dance instructor Raymond pleasuring her with his hot, fit body and monster manhood.Trisha experiences her very first time cuckolding her husband at the expert hands of the hot, muscular black guy as the two enjoy each others' firm, toned bodies. 
Exhibitionist Hot Wife: MMF Bisexual BBC Nude Beach Ménage 
It's Davina's first time on a nude beach, and she is determined to make the most of the exhibitionist opportunities for showing off her hot wife, sexy body. Her husband, Brad leaves her alone on the beach within sight of a hot, voyeur BBC guy, who makes his move when Davina invites him over to rub sun screen all over her naked body. 
Cuckolding my Husband 
Hannah is picked up in a hotel bar by a handsome black guy and her sissy cuckold husband is ordered to follow them to their room and watch whilst the stranger takes his pleasure from the eager young wife. What follows is a night to remember for all three as Hannah is ravished by the stranger right in front of her husband.

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    Miss Judith’s collaborator is Felicity, and together they take in hand a new girl, Hannah. Initially she is naïve and uncertain of her sexuality, but eventually she becomes one of Miss Judith’s star performers, greatly in demand by the clientele. Hannah is especially valued for her willingness to submit to those ladies who require girls of a masochistic temperament, who will submit to spanking and other harsh treatment.
    To amuse herself, Miss Judith embarks on a project to turn the heterosexual German teacher, Frau Ledermann, in to a lesbian. She imposed on her a series of humiliations and tests of her obedience. Miss Judith has a rival, a lady named Mrs Lockhart, who also trains young girls, mostly from the town, to provide services to older women in the locality. Things come to a head when Mrs Lockhart accuses Miss Judith of poaching her girls. Judith senses that the woman, while appearing as a Domme, has a submissive side, and she is able to humiliate and bend Mrs Lockhart to her will, forcing her to work as her assistant.
    Gradually Miss Judith involves Hannah more and more in the disciplining and training of the other girls. Eventually, Judith and Felicity offer Hannah the chance to take over the principal role, after she demonstrates her suitability by bringing to heel a particularly recalcitrant girl. Hannah has successfully made the transition from a submissive to a dominant position.
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    This book is a standalone, complete story. No Cliffhangers. HFN. Multiple POV.
    The Possessive Collection is about dangerous men and the women who become the object of their obsessions.
    Amanda couldn’t wait to get up to the mountain. Fresh air with some peace and quiet were exactly what she needed in this vacation. But, she didn’t get the vacation she had hoped for. Going to that mountain was her first mistake. The second was trespassing on Jakob’s land.
    Jakob lived on the mountain and didn’t care for visitors. Especially tourists. But, when he saw a pretty little black-haired beauty skinny dipping in the lake, things changed. He was a natural hunter, and he had just spotted his prey.
    This book is subtitled as Book One under this collection. However, each book is standalone and not related to each other in their storylines. They are published under the ‘Possessive Collection’ title so that readers can quickly identify my books that share the genre of Dark/Taboo Romance.
    This book is in the Dark/Taboo romance genre. It contains subject matter that some readers may find disturbing.
    Due to the content, this book is intended for adults 18 years and older.
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  • Prisoner of My Desire - cover

    Prisoner of My Desire

    Johanna Lindsey

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    Destined to be yet another bestseller from the inimitable Johanna Lindsey. 
     Spirited Rowena Belleme must produce an heir - or incur the dangerous wrath of a ruthless stepbrother who stands to forfeit his ill-gotten wealth. And the magnificent Warrick deChaville is the perfect choice to sire her child - though it means imprisoning the handsome knight and forcing him to bend to her amorous whims. 
     Vowing to resist but betrayed by his virility, noble Warrick is intoxicated by Rowena's sapphire eyes and voluptuous beauty. Yet all the while he plans a fitting revenge - eagerly awaiting the time when his sensuous captor becomes his helpless captive. . .and is made to suffer the same rapturous torment and exquisite ecstasy that he himself has endured.
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