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Jefferson Davis' Views On General Robert E Lee & The Doctrine Of States Rights - cover

Jefferson Davis' Views On General Robert E Lee & The Doctrine Of States Rights

Jefferson Davis

Publisher: Maine Book Barn Publishing

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"Jefferson Davis' Views On General Robert E. Lee & The Doctrine Of States Rights" by Jefferson Davis, President, C. S. A. is a candid assessment of General Robert E. Lee, legendary commander of the Army Of Northern Virginia & justifies the Doctrine Of States Rights which the Southern leaders used to implement Secession, bringing on the American Civil War.

Jefferson Davis 1808-1889 was born in Christian County, Kentucky. After a distinguished military career, Davis served as a U.S. senator and as Secretary of War before his election as the president of the secessionist Confederate States of America. After the war, he was indicted for treason, though never tried, and remained a symbol of Southern pride until his death in 1889.

The first of the two short essays is a first person, intimate view of General Lee. Davis, who as President of the Confederacy, worked closely with Lee who as commander of one of the principal armies of the Confederacy was responsible for safeguarding Richmond, Virginia the Confederate capital. Davis paints a sympathetic picture of Lee as a man whose devotion to Virginia & honor drove him to try his best to defeat the North even as the dwindling supplies of men & materials made the Southern Cause hopeless.

In the second essay, Davis gives the South's defense of Secession through his argument of the Doctrine Of States Rights. Even though these writings were published in 1890, long after the war was lost, Davis still vehemently defends the reasoning behind the "Lost Cause" and maintains the position that the South was justified to secede. At first the population of the South resented Davis, blaming him for the war's loss & idolizing General Lee. It was writings like this one & public speeches along the same lines that eventually restored Davis to champion of the "Lost Cause." He also sought to contribute to reconciliation of the South with the North at numerous public appearances, but remained a symbol for Southern pride.

A must read for both the student of Civil War for background material regarding the people and philosophies that fueled the War.

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