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Hunting Mastery - cover

Hunting Mastery

Jeannine Hill

Publisher: Jeannine

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These Are Some Of The Tips You Will Find In The Book :

Deer Hunting Tips
Deer Hunting: Watching Deer In Your Backyard
Deer Hunting: About Axis Deer
Deer Hunting: Alabama Deer Hunting
Deer Hunting: Finding The Perfect Location
Deer Hunting: Hunting Mule Deer
Deer Hunting: Deer Hunting Blinds
Deer Hunting: Whitetail Deer
Deer Hunting: Texas Style
Deer Hunting: Aggravation Or Alleviation
Deer Hunting: Alabama
Deer Hunting: Kansas
Deer Hunting: Texas
Deer Hunting: Whitetail Deer
Deer Hunting: A Short Hoof
Elk Hunting With A Bow
Elk Hunting: Packing
Elk Hunting: An Art
Elk Hunting: Heed The Call
Elk Hunting: Rifles
Elk Hunting: In Arizona
Elk Hunting: How To Succeed
Elk Hunting: Using GPS
Elk Hunting: On Private Ranches
Elk Hunting: In Colorado
Elk Hunting: The Best Time
Elk Hunting: Using Black Powder Rifles
Elk Hunting: Choosing The Right Gun
Elk Hunting: How To Bag An Elk
Elk Hunting: Elk Calls
Hunting: Plan The Perfect Hunting Trip
A Bird Hunter's List
Bow Hunting Equipment: Buying vs. Renting
A Bow Hunter's Shopping List
The New Enthusiasts Guide To Bow Hunting
A Short Hoof On Deer Hunting
Deer Hunting Basics
Helpful Deer Hunting Supplies
Deer Hunting Supplies
The Basic Deer Hunting Tips For Success
Basic Deer Hunting Tips
Great Duck Hunting Dogs Are Worth Their Weight In Gold
Different Breeds Of Bird Dog
The New Duck Hunting Gear Available Makes Hunting More Comfortable And Enjoyable
Improvements In Duck Hunting Gear
Duck Hunting Supplies Are Important For The Safety And Comfort Of Duck Hunters
A Duck Hunter's Supplies
Heeding The Call Of Elk Hunting
The Art Of Bugling
Looking For Good Hunting Dogs
Finding A Good Hunting Dog
Important Hunting Dog Medical Supplies
Hunting Dog Medical Supplies
The Pursuit Of Hunting Elk
A Hunter's Greatest Challenge: Elk Hunting
The Enjoyment Of Pheasant Hunting
The Joy Of Pheasant Hunting
Texas Deer Hunting Rules To Abide By
Texas Deer Hunting Rules
Ways Of Training Bird Hunting Dog
Training Your Bird Dog
Times Change, Turkey Hunting Basics Stay The Same
Turkey Hunting Basics
The Many Types Of Hunting Dogs
The Hunting Dog Deconstructed
Keep Ten Points In Mind When Purchasing A Goose Hunting Blind!

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    In her own words, the inspiring true story of an endurance runner who finds her character put to the test by an unthinkable personal tragedy.    Lee DiPietro discovered the exhilaration of endurance athletics when she ran her first half marathon in her late twenties. From that day forward, she took on every race that she could, and despite having to juggle running with her responsibilities as a wife and mother, she quickly established herself as one of the best runners in the United States.   Over the next thirty years Lee won race after race, competing in everything from local 5Ks to the three most challenging endurance races of all: the Boston Marathon, New York City Marathon, and Ironman triathlon. What she did not foresee, as she climbed the ranks of the endurance world, was the role running would play in helping her persevere in the face of great adversity.   When her husband was diagnosed with cancer and her son suffered a devastating accident, Lee found herself falling back on the lessons she learned as a marathoner to help her prevail in the struggle to save her family. In Against the Wind, she takes us through her harrowing yearlong fight for the lives of her husband and son. This is a story that will resonate with anyone whose life has been affected by cancer, as well as all those who are dedicated to endurance sports. It proves that running is more than a pastime, far from just a test of one’s mettle. It is, for many people, quite simply a matter of life and death.
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