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Hans Holbein the younger - cover

Hans Holbein the younger

Jeanette Zwingenberger

Publisher: Parkstone International

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Hans Holbein the Younger (1497-1543) is one of the greatest portrait painters of the 16th century. A keen observer of his era, Holbein became the court painter of Henry VIII and his sundry wives. His talent was established at the early age of 18 when he illustrated Erasmus’manuscript The Praise of Folly. Holbein’s wide range of pursuits included not only painting, drawing, book illustration and designing stained-glass windows, jewellery and luxury objects, but also fanciful trompe l’œil murals and architecture. The breadth of his activities allows one to describe him as a genuine European artist. But his speciality was anamorphosis, teasing the viewer’s vision with a sense of humour.
Available since: 06/12/2021.
Print length: 200 pages.

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