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Exposed - cover


Jean-Philippe Blondel

Translator Alison Anderson

Publisher: New Vessel Press

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“Art, love and longing, the French way . . . an emotionally taut portrayal of late-in-life, post-marriage drift” from the author of The 6:41 to Paris (The New York Times Book Review). A French teacher on the verge of retirement is invited to a glittering opening that showcases the artwork of his former student, who has since become a celebrated painter. This unexpected encounter leads to the older man posing for his portrait. Possibly in the nude. Such personal exposure at close range entails a strange and troubling pact between artist and sitter that prompts both to reevaluate their lives. Blondel, author of the hugely popular novel The 6:41 to Paris, evokes an intimacy of dangerous intensity in a tale marked by profound nostalgia and a reckoning with the past that allows its two characters to move ahead into the future. “A striking variation on the theme of the muse, this novel probes overlapping varieties of attraction . . . It veers toward the erotic, quickening the painter’s search for the model’s soul—‘a term that disintegrates the moment you try to define it.’”―The New Yorker “Captivating . . . The novel flies by with gentle humor, but it also poses complex questions about the meaning of art and sexuality, and offers an elegiac look at late middle age . . . Irresistible, and the story’s fundamental kindness sets it apart.”―Publishers Weekly (starred review) “A novel of tender, shy wisdom whose characters remind each other that memory lives in the body, loosened like knots by the right touch.” —Patrick Nathan, author of Image Control

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    The final novel in the award-winning George Miles Cycle. “A triumphant finale to one of the most intense series of novels ever written” (Mondo).   The stunning conclusion to Dennis Cooper’s five-book cycle, Period earned its author the accolade “a disquieting genius” by Vanity Fair and praise for his “elegant prose and literary lawlessness” from The New York Times. Breathtaking and mesmerizing, it is the culmination of Cooper’s explorations into sex and death, youth culture, and the search for the ineffable object of desire.   Cooper has taken his familiar themes—strangely irresistible and interchangeable young men, passion that crosses into murder, the lure of drugs, the culpabilities of authorship, and the inexact, haunting communication of feeling—and melded them into a novel of flawless form and immense power. Set in a spare, smoke-and-mirror-filled world of secret websites, Goth bands, Satanism, pornography, and outsider art, Period is a literary disappearing act as mysterious as it is logical. Obsessive, beautiful, and darkly comic, Period is a stunning achievement from one of America’s finest writers.   “A fascinating, intricately crafted jewel of a book . . . It’s a book one could read over and over and never exhaust.” —San Francisco Chronicle Book Review   “To read Period (a book so intricate, it comes with its own strategy guide) is to witness the idea of the novel itself imploding; to glimpse the end of language; to become aware of literature’s dizzying possibilities.” —The Guardian   “An elegy to the nature of obsessive love, the need to feel . . . [Cooper] is a profoundly original American visionary, and the most important transgressive literary artist since Burroughs.” —Salon   “Haunting.” —Details
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    Office Girls Threesome - Lesbian...

    Lexy Vibes

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    Two women were kissing еасh other, ѕtаndіng on thе lаndіng. It took mе a mіnutе tо mаkе оut their faces and rесоgnіzе thеm. Bоth were my colleagues frоm wоrk. Thе blonde one was Megan. Shе ѕаt іn thе сubісlе nеxt tо mе. Amаndа wаѕ thе brunette, hеr place was орроѕіtе to thе boss's саbіn, ѕеvеrаl blосkѕ away frоm uѕ. I couldn’t help but watch, while making my way home that evening through a narrrow ally way a voice called out to me, it was a female voice, Megan. 
    All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.
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  • Level Hands - Bend or Break Book 4 - cover

    Level Hands - Bend or Break Book 4

    Amy Jo Cousins

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    When it comes to love, there’s no such thing as smooth sailing. Bend or Break, Book 4 Rafael Castro is so far out of his element he can’t even see it anymore. Carlisle College in Massachusetts is a long way from his Chicago home, even farther from his Dominican Republic roots. The only thing keeping him attached to his last nerve is the prospect of seeing Denny Winslow again. The first time they met, Denny taught Rafi to fly across the water, rowing hard in a knife-like boat. Now, two years later, on the wings of a rowing scholarship, Rafi is attending Denny’s elite college. Even before the excitement wears off, Rafi is struggling with classes and fending off rumors that Denny’s family, not Rafi’s talent, won him his spot. To quash the gossip, Rafi tries to steer clear of the man he wants. A plan that evaporates in the fire of renewed attraction. But Carlisle’s academic pressure cooker has Rafi barely treading water. And when a family crisis hits, both Rafi and Denny must pull hard to keep their relationship from capsizing in rough waters. Warning: Contains a surly Dominican-American guy determined to show no weakness, a golden boy who knows his soft spots, some seriously dirty bachata dancing, and an excellent excuse for voyeurism in the locker room.
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  • Human Omega: Discovered on the Slave Planet - Discovered on the Slave Planet - cover

    Human Omega: Discovered on the...

    Eileen Glass

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    How does a bad day get worse, you ask? Well...How about being squished between two huge, naked dudes with their meaty schlongs hanging out and everything?It's all a matter of opinion, but Carter's day is going pretty badly. He's an engineer captured by bug aliens, now depending on his large, muscled, naked cage mates for food and warmth. They seem sentient, so that's good. But they're also handsy. Which is...complicated.The military isn't looking for him. Slaves taken by the bug race never come back. Yet, Carter is very much alive, and if he wants to stay that way, he'll need to trust Pykh and Siel, two affectionate aliens with claws, teeth, and size.Contains mature themes.
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  • Mad Long Emotion - cover

    Mad Long Emotion

    Ben Ladouceur

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    Desire and dieffenbachias: new poems from the award-winning author of  Otter .
    Mad Long Emotion  wants to talk flora to fauna like you. Loosestrife shoos away humans and green carnations flirt with handsome men. Numerous species, both spiny and spineless, prove as invasive as desire: from Great Lake lampreys to hydraulic triceratopses, we're all just looking for love.
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  • Frankie—Unforgettable - cover


    Felice Stevens

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    No one understands why I love him.  
    Why I need him.  
    Why I took him back.  
    But they don’t have to.  
    I know.  
    Despite the hurt and the heartache, I see beneath his skin.  
    And I’m different now.  
    No more Flirty Frankie. I'm done with being King of the club.  
    My dreams have changed, and so have I.  
    I’m stronger.  
    I believe in myself.  
    And I’m a hell of a lot smarter than a year ago.  
    Now it's his turn to show me the man he really is.  
    To prove it.  
    I've always loved him.  
    But that's not enough.  
    I need to learn to trust him.  
    No more excuses.  
    No more chances.  
    I make this right or lose him for good.  
    I have to do this.  
    No one has ever believed in me but him.  
    No one has ever wanted me but him.  
    I can’t let him down.  
    I won’t.  
    I can’t let myself down.  
    I’m trying, but it's so damn hard.  
    No matter what they throw at me, I’m stronger.  
    And I’m going to make it.  
    I’m on my way.  
    With Frankie by my side.  
    I can see the future.  
    I have a future.  
    Us. Together.  
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