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Gym Session: Lesbian Erotica - cover

Gym Session: Lesbian Erotica

Javin Strome


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Sarah can tell that her husband is not interest in her any more. He actually openly tells her that she has gotten lazy and she is not the woman he knew before. So Sarah decides to go back to the gym to reclaim the woman that she was before, all in the name of saving her married. She finds an instructor who helps her save herself.

Mature Adults Only (18+)

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    But when she meets her next assignment - Damian Alexander, her whole world is turned upside down. She must find the strength within her to get through the job. That is until Damian introduces her to his adopted brother Kaden.  
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    What's a girl to do?  
    *A story about two souls that have been through a lot.  
    Kaden can't let go of his past. Kyle wants to escape hers and never look back.  
    Together will they be able to move on or will they end up destroying each other?*
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    From the point of view of the betrayer, a story of betrayal. Grace has had enough. After working her butt off the past few years, she is passed over for her dream promotion by her rival, Lucy Hunter. 
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    Revenge has never been this sweet or this hot.
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  • Bestiality Gangbang 4: Trained By My Dogs - Dog Sex Gangbang Knotting Tying Bestiality Erotica Beastiality Erotica Fucking Sucking Sex Stories Zoophilia XXX Multiple Partner Creampie Bareback - cover

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    Dawn’s disobedient dogs drove her to seek out help. But it wasn’t her dogs the trainer taught. It was her. He taught her how to be weak and submissive to them and let them do whatever they wanted to her. The three of them (including her trainer) gangbang Dawn, fucking her senseless in every hole - all at the same time!
    "It's just terrible!" Dawn said, wringing her hands. She didn't know what to do about the problem she had. "My German Shepherd and Rottie are acting strange."
    "How so?" The dog trainer inquired.
    "They won't do what their told, I have to give them steak every night and I have to eat out of their dog bowls." She wailed over the phone.
    "Bring them in today and I will evaluate them." He said.
    "Thank you! If I could only get them to behave like normal dogs, I could lead a normal life." She said.
    Dawn walked into the dog trainer's office. He greeted her with a smile and a strong handshake.
    "Show me what these dogs do." Ben said, his arms folded across his massive chest.
    "Okay. If it will help you straighten out the dogs." She said, unhooking their leashes.
    The large, black German Shepherd and Rottweiler bounded into the room. Sniffing everything, they lifted their legs marking the area. Then they bounded over to her, and the German Shepherd stuck his cold nose up her crotch.
    Dawn's face flushed as she attempted to push him away.
    "No, don't do that!" The dog trainer said in a commanding tone.
    Her hands fell to her sides submissively as the dog sniffed her cunt.
    "But it's so embarrassing!" She whined.
    "Let him sniff your pussy!" Ben said as he took off his clothes.
    "What are you doing?" Dawn asked.
    The large Rottweiler came up, grabbed her dress and ripped it off her body. He shook her dress and then dropped it as as he knocked her over.
    "It's simple. You're the one that needs to be trained. I will help them train you." He said as he walked over to the surprised woman.
    "What?" She sputtered, trying to cover her naughty bits.
    "Just let us to do whatever we want with you." He held her down as the German Shepherd raised his leg and pissed on her.
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  • Meeting Mr Hot - cover

    Meeting Mr Hot

    Flora Dain

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    After three years of marriage Josie craves some excitement but when she flirts at a party with dark, handsome Jasper her husband Edwin draws a line and decides it’s time for her to meet MrHot.
    She’s startled at first but as their new playmate settles in she soon warms to him. Before long he’s transformed bedtimes, mealtimes, car journeys, holidays and even a firework display into hot, sizzling playtimes.
    As her relationship with Edwin heats up so does Jasper. By now he’s hot on her trail and to her dismay he’s very determined. But when he finally catches up with her both she and Edwin get a surprise...
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