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Taken by Three Bikers - Menage #1 - cover

Taken by Three Bikers - Menage #1

Jasmine Black

Publisher: Jan Springer

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After Zoe Miller's car breaks down on a desolate road late one night, three dangerous looking bikers come to her rescue…in more ways than she can imagine! 
Sequel to Taken by Two Bikers 
Other ebooks by Jasmine Black include: 
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Taken by Two Bikers

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    I'm fake engaged to a practical stranger.
    What a way to light up my Independence Day.
    I was starting my life completely over.
    The last thing I needed was a new guy in it.
    Let alone a fake fiancee.
    Yet there he was, a client at an office where I had a job interview.
    When I heard he needed to a fake girlfriend, I stepped up to the task.
    In fact, I stepped right up to him and kissed him, to prove our love was real.
    Except it's not. Right? We just met!
    Sure, he's handsome, rich, and everything I would want.
    And now we've run with the story, saying it's turned into an engagement.
    But this is just pretend, to help him out.
    We're not really getting married on the Fourth of July... are we?
    Lucky Firecracker is a full length standalone romance in a connected series of related characters. It contains no cliffhangers, no cheating, a happy ever after and heat as hot as a hundred fireworks exploding all at once.
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