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Funny Food - Plant-based recipes - cover

Funny Food - Plant-based recipes

Jayne Reynolds

Publisher: Graffeg Limited

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In this collection of recipes, Jane Reynolds serves up a sumptuous selection of plant-based alternatives for even the pickiest of eaters, including over 40 plant-based recipes perfect for little ones, from snacks perfect for pack ups, to delicious dinners and amazing afters.

For parents who want to introduce children to a more plant-based diet, or for adults who want to embrace their inner child, these recipes are the perfect way to introduce some fun and colour to any meal. With parents becoming more health conscious and more aware of the impact of meat on our planet, these recipes provide parents with a range of fun alternatives to the usual ‘meat and two veg’ dinners and embrace ‘meatfree Mondays’ or even a wholly plant-based diet.

Recipes include:
- Squashage rolls
- Carrot hotdogs
- Doughnut peach burgers
- Black eye bean sloppy joes
- Beijing burger
- American diner pancakes
- Sticky toffee apple pudding
Available since: 09/21/2021.

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    Enjoy a week of delicious raw foods to thoroughly refresh your system 
    •14-Day Deep Detox Cleanse 
    Go longer to experience better skin and hair, a clearer mind and a slimmer body 
    •28-Day Total Reset Cleanse 
    Give the body a full recharge with an intense, nutrient-packed month of raw foods
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