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Zero To Sexy - Kidnap Fantasies #3 - cover

Zero To Sexy - Kidnap Fantasies #3

Jan Springer

Publisher: Spunky Girl Publishing

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Because Santana hides from something bad in his past he lives only for the moment and doesn't dare dream of a future. He exists within the sensual world of Kidnap Fantasies, a top-secret escort world where he explores his sexuality and enjoys pleasure with both men and women.

But it is love at first sight the instant he sees Amy at his good friend’s wedding. She’s got future written all over her. He knows she is a hunger he must deny, so why is he whispering "you're mine" to her at the wedding?

The instant Amy Sparks sees the handsome African American at her sister's wedding, she knows in her heart that he's everything she's ever fantasized about in a lover, but before they can connect, he mysteriously disappears. Upon discovering he works for Kidnap Fantasies, she knows how he’ll make all her intimate fantasies come true...

When Santana’s next Kidnap Fantasies assignment turns out to be Amy, he knows he must protect her from his past and can be with her only this one time...

Althought this book can stand alone, it is part of the Kidnap Fantasies series:

Book One - Jade's Fantasy

Book Two - Christmas Lovers

Book Three - Zero To Sexy

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    I almost fall off my barstool when my best friend tells me what he wants me to do on his wedding night. He want's me to join in on a threesome with him and his new wife. The thing is … he's marrying my sister. I've fantasized about her for years, we both have, and now is my chance to get a taste of that pussy of hers. And there's no way I'm going to pass this chance up. 
    "You want me to fuck my brother on my wedding night?" She said, still giggling. She was clearly drunk but I knew she was playing. I'd seen the way she'd looked at me before. When I still lived out parent's house I used to catch her staring at me when I came out of the bathroom with a towel around my waist all the time. She wanted it and she was gonna get it.
    I took off my shirt and pants and as I started to pull my underwear down Lisa looked up at me. Her eyes were fixed on the bulge that was visible under the thin fabric. I slowly pulled the underwear down and revealed my massive, throbbing cock. Her eyes never left my erection as I kicked off my shorts and walked over to the bed and crawled over to where Lisa was kneeling in the center of the bed. 
    Jake was still behind her and as my cock came closer to her face he pushed her toward me and pulled the teddy off of her, causing her big tits to spill out. Jake had a hold of the belt that was around her wrists and was rubbing her round ass with his other hand. As I reached up and grabbed my sisters soft breasts with my hands and she gasped and squirmed. My hard cock was right in front of her mouth but she didn't make a move. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back.
    "I want to see those pretty lips wrapped around my cock, Lisa."
    She didn't say anything but her eyes met mine. 
    "Tell me you want my cock in your mouth."
    She still didn't say anything.
    "Say it. Tell me how much you want to feel your brother's cum slide down your throat." I was gripping her hair and pulling her head back and as I looked at the lust in her eyes I said it one more time. "Tell me how badly you want me to fuck your mouth."
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    Most humans have no idea what it's like to miss a meal, let alone endure the vampire's thirst. I can't possibly begin to describe it—anyone who says they can is lying—but I can tell you this. 
    It's the worst thing you can possibly imagine. 
    This is why I kill. I drink the blood of the living to ward off that thirst, that need, and I make no apologies for it. 
    The need for blood is a powerful one, but I have other needs too. Remnants of who I was when I was alive. I like music. I like art. I like a nice warm bed to sleep in, preferably one that's filled. 
    Tonight I'm hunting for more than just blood. 
    An erotic short story set in the Rakshasa universe.
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    While sharing their fantasies one night, Suzie expresses a desire to watch her husband John with another woman. John of course is thrilled! After searching for weeks through online personals, they are excited to finally meet Kirsty, who is more than eager to help fulfill their fantasy.
    In time, however, Kirsty reveals a naughty streak in her that ultimately puts Suzie in a compromising position, compelling her to keep secrets from her husband and placing their marriage in jeopardy.
    John and Suzie get more than they bargained for in Kirsty, and surprisingly discover just how stimulating deceit and betrayal can actually be.
    ~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~
    “Kirsty, I can't keep doing this,” Suzie pleaded as Kirsty worked her lips down her bare neck. “I have to tell John what we're doing! It feels so wrong to keep this from him, I don't know why we have to in the first place.”
    “I told you,” Kirsty said as she pulled away from her slightly and peered into Suzie's eyes. “It's exciting!”
    “But it's also deceiving!” Suzie pleaded as she moaned from Kirsty's touch. “I can't believe I'm keeping something like this from my husband!”
    “Let's talk about this later,” Kirsty demanded, “after we've exhausted each other! Do you want to do that?”
    “Yes,” Suzie sighed as she let Kirsty lead her up to our bedroom.
    Suzie sank in the waves of pleasure as Kirsty gratified her with her mouth, tongue and hands. Suzie returned the gratification, feeling both joy and hate toward Kirsty. As much as a part of her wanted to throw her out and have neither of us have anything to do with her ever again, a bigger part of her couldn't let go of the immense desire for her.
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    Calvin, a college student looking to rock his world while on spring break, meets Brock, someone who has hookups for the best private parties, while on an alcohol-fueled expenses paid trip that ends in a giant concert—all sponsored by a famous musician.
    	While sailing along with this explicit adult story of six thousand words, Calvin and Brock quickly hit it off, and have multiple hot encounters, including multiple depictions of gay sex, sex in public, and the thrill of exibitionism.
    	--  READ AN EXCERPT --
    	A loud announcement signaled the beginning of some sort of festivity. "All pool deck attendees, drop your drinks and get freaky, because it's time for a game of chicken!" Frantic yet joyous commotion commenced and people started scampering to get ready for the game, some downing the remaining drinks they had.
    	I turned and looked at Brock who had a glimmer in his eye. I guessed we were going to be playing in this. Before I had a chance to even say a word, he pulled me by my hand over to edge of the pool.
    	Well, this wasn't quite how I expected things to go, but I went along for the ride. I stripped down to my boxer briefs (which weren't hiding too much, let me tell you) and gave the rosy girl my clothes, who wrote a large number on my hand which would allow me to claim my clothes later. Clever.
    	Brock, being completely shameless, dropped trou quickly. Many eyes in the pool darted over to his honestly perfect and sculpted body, cock and all, now revealed for scrutiny by everyone.
    	In my opinion, Brock was taking a little too much delight in having so many pairs of eyes on him, so I took the lead. I grabbed his hand and ran with him into the pool. I ducked underwater and hoisted Brock up on my shoulders, his dick resting against the back of my neck.
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