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Zero To Sexy - Kidnap Fantasies #3 - cover

Zero To Sexy - Kidnap Fantasies #3

Jan Springer

Publisher: Spunky Girl Publishing

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Because Santana hides from something bad in his past he lives only for the moment and doesn't dare dream of a future. He exists within the sensual world of Kidnap Fantasies, a top-secret escort world where he explores his sexuality and enjoys pleasure with both men and women.

But it is love at first sight the instant he sees Amy at his good friend’s wedding. She’s got future written all over her. He knows she is a hunger he must deny, so why is he whispering "you're mine" to her at the wedding?

The instant Amy Sparks sees the handsome African American at her sister's wedding, she knows in her heart that he's everything she's ever fantasized about in a lover, but before they can connect, he mysteriously disappears. Upon discovering he works for Kidnap Fantasies, she knows how he’ll make all her intimate fantasies come true...

When Santana’s next Kidnap Fantasies assignment turns out to be Amy, he knows he must protect her from his past and can be with her only this one time...

Althought this book can stand alone, it is part of the Kidnap Fantasies series:

Book One - Jade's Fantasy

Book Two - Christmas Lovers

Book Three - Zero To Sexy

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    Lilith is twice his age. 
    Now Tristan must choose whether her doting affections will be enough to gain his trust, or if he should escape her grasp before his body makes the decision for him...
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